Health Insurance For Single Parents

In this article, we’ll explore the area of single parent health insurance, including what benefits and rebates are available for single parent families.
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Are there specific health insurance policies for single parents?

Out of the six categories of membership for private health insurance funds, two relate to single parents1:

Single parent family: consists of 1 adult and dependant(s), including child/student dependants.

Single parent extension: consists of 1 adult and any dependant(s), including child/student/young adult dependants.

Many health insurers offer policies designed for single parent families, which generally have lower-rate premiums compared with two-parent family cover2. However, the way a dependant is defined by your policy can vary between providers1.

Generally speaking, a dependant is an unmarried person under the age of 18 years.

Some funds may choose to consider a person aged between 18 and 24 as a dependant1. In this case, the insurer will usually have certain conditions which need to be met for the dependant’s cover to continue without a change in premiums. For example, the person will need to be a full-time student.

If the person doesn’t qualify as a child or a student, the health fund might still allow their cover to continue as a young adult dependant, but their premiums will be higher1.

If you’re a single mother or father and are looking for single parent health insurance, make sure you check the details of each policy carefully, so you know how your provider defines a dependant for the purposes of health cover.

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Do single parents pay less for private health insurance?

In April 2007, health insurers have been able to offer single parents a reduced rate on their premiums compared to the standard family rate2 (before this change, single parents were charged the same premium amount as two-parent families).

If you’re a single mum or dad, you’ll find many health insurance providers offer lower-rate cover for single parent families, in comparison to the premiums charged for families at the same level of cover.

What private health insurance rebates are available for single parents?

Did you know that most people in Australia - including single parents - are eligible for a rebate on their insurance costs? The Government’s Private Health Insurance Rebate Scheme3 is designed to help cover the cost of health insurance premiums.

The rebate is income-tested and applies to hospital, general treatment, and ambulance policies3. As a single parent, the private health insurance rebate can make health cover more affordable for you, with the thresholds increased by $1,500 for each child after the first3.

Rebate levels are split into two categories, Single and Family, with the Family category covering three tiers - single parents are subject to these family tiers. You can use the Private Health Insurance Rebate Calculator4 on the ATO’s website to work out what rebate amount you and your family are eligible for.

Are there any other benefits available if you’re a single parent?

If your child is aged between 2 and 17, you may be eligible to access Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Scheme5. This covers part or all of the cost of some dental services for children and teenagers, if you receive certain payments from Medicare.

Do I need private health insurance as a single parent?

All parents know that when it comes to children, anything can happen. As a single parent, you need to be ready for life’s unexpected incidents - and knowing that aspects like hospital fees and the cost of medical treatment will be covered if things don’t go according to plan, can be a huge weight off your mind.

Plus, don’t forget about the importance of your own health. Having a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers both you and your children means you can continue with life knowing you’re covered for whatever lies ahead.

How can I find the best health insurance for single parents?

If you’re a single mum or dad looking for the best single parent health insurance, you can find the right policy for your needs with iSelect. Our friendly team can help you compare health insurance policies and providers, and find cover that’s the best fit for you and your family. Compare online, or call us today on 13 19 20.

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