Health Insurance for single parents

In this article, we’ll explore single parent health insurance, including what benefits and rebates may be available for single parent families.
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What is single parent health insurance?

In short, it’s all in the name - health insurance for single parents. Single parent family: consists of one adult and dependant(s), including child/student dependants.

Many health insurers offer policies designed for single parent families, which generally have lower-rate premiums compared with two-parent family cover. However, the way a dependant is defined by your policy can vary between providers.

Some health funds that offer single parent family cover may allow a full-time student to remain on the cover until 25. However, if your adult child ceases studying once they turn 21, some funds will require your adult child to take out their own singles cover. Some policies will allow adult dependents to remain on your cover regardless of student status for an additional premium,

Do I need private health insurance as a single parent?

If you’re a parent, we don’t need to tell you that life is full of surprises. With children comes the unexpected, and knowing they’re covered privately should medical treatment be required is a huge weight off your mind. But it’s not just them you need to factor in. Especially as a single parent, making sure that you’re also covered should anything unfortunate happen is worth considering.

Do single parents pay less for private health insurance?

Since 2007, health insurers have been able to offer single parents reduced rates. It still pays to shop around, but you should find that any health insurance provider that does offer single parent health insurance provides a reduced premium for a comparable package as a two-parent family.

What private health insurance rebates are available for single parents?

The good news is that many people in Australia are, in fact, eligible for a rebate on their health insurance costs. The Australian Government Private Health Insurance Rebate is specifically designed to help cover some of the costs of health insurance, including for single parents.

Further to that, the rebate is income-tested and applies to hospital and general treatment cover. The rebate threshhold is increased for each child after the first.

Does single cover health insurance cover pregnancy?

Yes, all gold covers include pregnancy. It’s important to check that the policy you are interested in is offered at a single parent scale before purchasing.

What doesn’t single parent health insurance cover?

Even with silver or gold cover, including hospital and extras, there are some treatments that a health insurance policy won’t usually cover, for example:

  • GP and specialist visits;
  • Outpatient blood work and testing;
  • Private emergency treatment fees
  • Hospital care not covered under Medicare;

This isn’t necessarily specific to single parent cover, it’s common across private health cover in general. It’s important to check the policy brochure to understand what your individual policy will and won’t cover.

How can I find suitable health insurance for single parents?

Hopefully this article will have given you a better picture of what’s available, but if you’re a single mum or dad looking for the good value cover for you and your family, our friendly team would love to help. Compare online, or call our friendly team on 13 19 20.*

Last updated: 29/22/2021

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