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Planning an overseas trip is exciting, however have you considered a level of international travel insurance before leaving home?
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In an ideal world, the only things you should have to think about on your trips overseas should be which restaurants to eat at, or which secluded beach you drive to for the day, sadly that isn’t the case.

Don’t travel with the assumption that nothing bad can happen to you because you’re on holiday, instead protect yourself from injuries, lost or stolen baggage, cancelled flights, and potentially even natural disasters (depending on the policy) that may occur.

For a small investment you can get something priceless: peace of mind wherever you go.

Why you shouldn’t leave Australia without travel insurance

From a lost surfboard to a bad case of ‘Bali belly’, even experienced travellers can run into problems overseas1. That’s where international travel insurance can help.

Think of it as all-purpose emergency insurance. It can provide cover for delays, cancelled flights, and stolen cameras. It could even pay to get you back home in an emergency evacuation, or refund the cost of your trip, depending on your level of cover.

Hopefully you won’t need to claim on your travel insurance, but you’ll be extremely glad it’s there if you do. When you take into account that ¼ of Australians experienced an insurable event on their last trip overseas2, it simply doesn’t make sense to jet out of Australia without insurance in place.

The risks associated with travelling without insurance

Medical cover might be the number-one reason to buy travel insurance. Your regular health insurance won’t cover you if you get sick or injured overseas, and medical bills can mount up in no time at all.

When choosing international travel insurance, look for a policy that provides a high or unlimited amount of overseas medical cover, along with a separate emergency evacuation plan that includes transportation back to Australia. As many travellers have learned the hard way, you never know when you’ll need to be airlifted to the nearest medical facility, or flown home for treatment.

As always, be sure to declare any pre-existing medical conditions (including pregnancy), and check your policy in detail to see exactly what is and isn’t covered. That way, you’ll avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to claim time.

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What does international travel insurance cover?

Medical Bills:

A major reason why Aussie’s invest in travel insurance, is to cover medical expenses. If you’re currently asking yourself whether you really need travel insurance, consider the cost if you don’t have it. If you or your family are unfortunate enough to be involved in an unexpected accident or fall ill, you’ll be responsible for covering all medical expenses.

Once you’re overseas, the Australian government is not responsible for medical bills or your flights back home3. Unfortunately, without travel insurance in place, you could end up paying thousands in costs.

Cancellations & Travel Disruptions:

Life can be unpredictable, with unexpected situations often arising at inconvenient times. Cover yourself and your family for cancellations and delays that are out of your control. You’ll need to check the details to find out exactly what your travel policy covers, as you may need to pay extra when it comes to cancellations.

Loss of Luggage/ Personal Items:

According to a survey conducted in April 2016 for the previous 12 months, a quarter (24%) of all Australian travellers experienced a loss on their most recent overseas trip that would be covered by most insurance policies2. Put simply, a comprehensive travel insurance policy could potentially save you a fortune, as it could reimburse you for having to replace your possessions.

Don’t allow the trip of a lifetime to be tainted by hefty costs caused by losing your belongings – make the smarter choice and travel with peace of mind.


vacation is a time to relax and explore completely new cities and countries, so invest in a good travel insurance policy that promises to keep your belongings protected if you’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to theft4.

Whether you’re taking snaps of the Amalfi Coast in Italy or walking along the Great Wall in China, enjoy every moment of your trip knowing that you’re covered against the worst case scenarios.

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Before you make a final decision, remember that each policy is different, so you’ll need to carefully review the Product Disclosure Statement of each policy you’re considering which provides information about policy inclusions and limitations. This will help you decide which policy suits your requirements.

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to buy travel insurance once you’ve left Australia, prepare in advance and make sure that you’re covered before you take off! We make it easy for you to avoid unwanted surprises when it comes to claim time, so start comparing travel insurance policies online today with iSelect.