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Quick guide to mobile phones and plans

Quick guide to mobile phones and plans


Smartphones have advanced mobile operating systems that combine the features of a personal computer with a digital camera and video camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS navigation, the ability to run apps and games, plus much more

Operating systems

Your phone's operating system is the software that manages its basic functions and features. For many smartphones this includes Bluetooth connection, GPS navigation, and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and mobile networks. The operating system also allows you to access and interact with applications on the device.

Data allowance

You use data to access the Internet, download emails, stream music and videos, run some games and applications, and get directions. It's important to strike the right balance with your data allowance or you may end up paying more than you need to each month for unused data, costly add-ons or excess data rates.

Plan type

When deciding on your plan, you can choose a prepaid, postpaid or a SIM-only package. Prepaid plans allow you to purchase credit upfront, while postpaid plans bill you for your previous month's usage. SIM-only packages include a SIM card and a set amount for calls, SMS and data, and can either be prepaid or month-to-month.


You might have the option of adding minutes for local or international calls or of getting extra data so you can stream Netflix or Spotify to your heart's content. You can get prepaid add-ons that last one day, a week or 28 days.


Combining your home broadband plan and mobile phone plan means you'll only have to deal with one service provider and may get all your charges together in one convenient bill. You might even get some additional discounts and freebies.


Mobile phone insurance may cover a replacement phone if yours is lost or stolen or any necessary repairs if damaged. It may also cover a limited amount for unauthorised usage charges. However, policies do come at an extra cost and in some cases might require you to pay an excess if you make a claim.


New songs from your favourite bands, binge-worthy TV shows, and cult movies. Enjoy a world of entertainment without clogging up your hard drive, thanks to apps that allow you to stream music and video from your smartphone.

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