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Naked DSL broadband is a type of internet connection that can allow you the freedom of a fast connection and a wide choice of plans, and at the same time save you having to pay for extras – like phone line rental – that you’ll never use.

What makes Naked DSL different?

Unlike traditional DSL or ADSL connections, Naked DSL does not require an existing phone service to receive a signal123. Similarly, unlike cable internet, you can have Naked Cable without the need for an existing pay TV service45.

Naked DSL internet still connects to your home using the existing copper phone line, which means it’s available in most areas of Australia, but is not tied to a landline phone service6, saving you money on a service you don’t need.

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Benefits of Naked DSL internet

  • Save money on services: With a Naked DSL plan, you won’t pay phone line rental costs.
  • Make VoIP phone calls: VoIP phone calls are significantly cheaper than landline calls.
  • Access more contract options: When you compare Naked DSL plans with iSelect, you may find you have access to more contract options. Some of our internet providers even offer no-contract plans.

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