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Get The Facts On Pet Insurance

What is Pet Insurance?

A little like Private Health Insurance, Pet Insurance could give you peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s health so you can enjoy playing fetch and having a WFH coworker who’s always keen to join in a Zoom, along with all the other joys of pet ownership.

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What does Pet Insurance cover?

Like with most insurance policies, you can choose your level of Pet Insurance cover. You can opt to cover only accidents, such as snake bites, or cover illnesses as well. Your policy might also include preventative care, like vaccinations and worming.

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What doesn’t Pet Insurance cover?

Pet Insurance Policies don’t usually cover things like pre-existing conditions – that’s problems that your pet had during the waiting period and before you took out this policy, which can also include anything you previously claimed for under another policy. You probably also won’t be covered for desexing, dental care, and injuries or illnesses that come about because of neglectful pet ownership.

What is Dog Insurance?

Dog Insurance is Pet Insurance for your canine friend. As of 2022, about 17% of Australian dog owners had insured their pooches to help cover the cost of an unexpected vet trip.1Animal Medicines Australia – Pets in Australia: A national survey of pets and people, p47 (If you’ve had a labrador, for instance, you might be familiar with how often that can happen since they see everything as food.)

What is Cat Insurance?

Cat Insurance is Pet Insurance for felines, whether they think they’re the boss of the house or not. Just like Dog Insurance, it aims to help reduce the financial stress of any emergencies or unexpected trips to the vet when your cat is injured or ill.

Where can you find and compare Pet Insurance Policies?

Pets are part of the family, so when they’re sick or injured, we want them feeling better as soon as possible. Unfortunately, vet bills and medical treatment costs can add up, especially if surgical or hospital care is needed. So, Pet Insurance could mean there’s one less thing to worry about when your furry friend is going through the wars. That’s why iSelect has partnered with Choosi to help you find and compare a selection of Pet Insurance Policies from different providers quickly and conveniently.*

Pet Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pet Insurance work?

How much is Pet Insurance in Australia?

How much is Pet Insurance for a dog?

How much is Pet Insurance for a cat?

How are Pet Insurance premiums calculated?

How could I lower my Pet Insurance premiums?

Is there a limit to how much I can claim?

Do all vets accept Pet Insurance?

Is there an age limit for Pet Insurance?

Where can I find the best Pet Insurance?

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