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Get The Facts On Pet Insurance

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is designed to help cover unexpected veterinary expenses when your pet is sick or injured. But you can also purchase an individual policy for your pet.

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What does pet insurance cover?

Like with most insurance policies, you can choose your level of cover. The varying levels of pet insurance can include accidental injury or illness. Your policy might also include desexing, microchipping and annual vaccinations. Some providers even cover dental procedures.

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Pet insurance explained, with Canna Campbell.

Canna Campbell from SugarMamma TV breaks down the essentials of Pet insurance.

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What isn’t covered when it comes to pet insurance?

Pet insurance policies don’t usually provide cover for things like pre-existing conditions that your pet experienced before you took out the insurance or during the waiting period, behavioural problems, pregnancy, grooming and food and diet products and services.

What is dog insurance?

Dog insurance, also known as pet insurance, helps you cover the cost of an unexpected trip to the vet. It can give you peace of mind when your four-legged friend is sick or injured, and reduce some of the financial strain.

What is cat insurance?

Cat insurance, also known as Pet Insurance, helps reduce the financial stress of any emergencies or unexpected trips to the vet when your cat is injured or ill. You’ll usually need to pay the bill upfront, then your provider can reimburse you.

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Pets can be like members of the family, and when they’re sick or injured, we want to take care of them. Unfortunately, vet bills and medical treatment costs can add up, especially if surgical or hospital care is needed. Pet insurance can give you peace of mind and reduce some of the financial burden when your pet needs help.

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