How iSelect Works

iSelect is Australia’s go-to destination for comparing and saving across insurances, utilities and personal finance products made available from its range of providers.  Our trained consultants are passionate about helping Australians reduce their household bills to save money, time and effort.

We’re proud of the service we provide to the millions of Australians who seek our advice each year. We believe it is important for us to be completely transparent about how we operate and how we make money, so here’s everything you need to know.

Buy with confidence

  • Same price, no mark-up
    • We don’t mark up the price of the products made available by our partners for comparison and sale, so you’ll pay the same as buying direct (excluding corporate discounts and exclusive retail offers).
  • Our service costs you nothing
    • You pay nothing for our advice and it comes with no obligation
  • We’ll tell you what we really think
    • If we can’t find you a better deal, we’ll be honest about it and tell you to stay exactly where you are.

How we make money

While our advice costs you nothing, we know there is no such thing as a free lunch. We’re a business and that means we need to make money – after all, we’ve got more than 300 talented people to pay!

Instead of charging you a fee, we are paid a ‘commission’ by the company that owns whichever insurance, utilities or finance product you choose to purchase.

The commission we are paid by the product providers is an economical way for them to attract new customers, and in many cases costs less than their own advertising or sales activity.

How our advice service works

At iSelect, we are much more than just an online comparison website. Comparing online is just the first step in our comparison and advisory service. That’s why most of our customers chose to speak over the phone with one of our more than 100 highly-trained consultants at iSelect HQ.

Our trained consultants are rewarded for the quality of advice they provide and the number of customers who they help purchase from our range of plans, policies and providers.

So how do we help you decide?

  • Knowledge: We’re here to help in the boring stuff so you don’t have to be. Our consultants receive ongoing, training to make sure you get accurate advice and outstanding customer service.
  • Technology: Want to know how our website algorithms work? Nah, we didn’t think so. All you need to know is that our intuitive technology and data capabilities help narrow down available options for you.
  • Select: We get that different things are important to different people. By asking the right questions and knowing what’s important to you, our trained consultants will match a product for you. We may also have special offers available from our contact center only!
  • Choice: We’re a one-stop-shop. We’ll take care of the whole process from start to finish so there is no easier way to compare and buy, all in one place

Who we work with

We compare a wide range of plans and policies from some of Australia’s leading brands and are always adding more. That said, we’re completely open about the fact we don’t have every single brand or product available for purchase, although we’re working on it!

But with plenty of plans, products and policies, we’re confident we can find one that suits you.
We receive customer referrals from the following marketing partners and pay a commission for such referrals:

  • Upside Digital trading as Billy Explores for health insurance and energy referrals
  • Salescorp for health insurance referrals

And if your current policy or plan is from a brand or company we don’t work with, it’s still worth having a chat to us as we can compare it against those we do sell.

Protecting your privacy

We take our obligation to protect our customers’ personal information very seriously. With millions of Australians visiting our website each year, it is extremely important for us to get it right. That is why we have invested in state of the art security measures to protect the data we hold.

All customer information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles. If we contact you to tell you about our fantastic service and products, it will only ever be if you have provided us with your telephone number or email address.

If you do not wish to be contacted by us anymore, all you need to do is let us know and we will honour your wish, even if it makes us feel a little sad.

Leading by example

We are a fully compliant member of the Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association (PHIIA) and signatory to their Code of Conduct. We also helped develop and are a signatory to the Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC).


iSelect is also regulated by a number of government agencies including:

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

In order to provide certain financial products, we do this under each of our Australian financial services licences (Life Insurance AFSL 331128 and General Insurance AFSL 334115.