ADSL Internet

When ADSL first became available to Australians a couple of decades ago, it marked a big step forward for internet access.
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The benefits of the internet to entertainment, education, the economy and society have only been made possible by our ability to send large volumes of information electronically over long distances. And the faster the connection, the more information we can send.

It’s an ADSL buyers’ market

ADSL was the first widely available method for connecting to broadband internet in Australia2, and though its speed has now been eclipsed by ADSL2+, it’s still a viable option worth considering for its wide availability and ease of connection.

With ADSL connections so common across Australia, and competition between providers, it’s a buyers’ market for ADSL.

How does ADSL work?

One of the main reasons ADSL is so widespread can be found in the technology it uses to deliver internet to households. ADSL can be installed anywhere there’s a copper telephone line, which means it’s available to most of the Australian population.

In the early days of the dial-up modem, you couldn’t use your phone and your internet connection at the same time. These days, you can, because the signals are separated.

What you’ll need to connect to ADSL

Connecting to ADSL is easy, and usually doesn’t require much more equipment or wiring than you’ve already got at home. You’ll need:

  • An ADSL filter: This little white box connects to your phone socket and separates your internet signals from your phone signals, so there’s no interference, even when you’re using both at the same time.
  • A modem: Your modem will connect to the wall socket and make the internet connection available inside your home.
  • An ADSL internet plan: There are a number of Australian internet providers that offer broadband internet via ADSL. Compare their plans and sign up to get started.

How to compare ADSL plans

If you’ve decided that ADSL is the right connection for you, there are just a few more things to keep in mind when you compare providers. We’ll walk you through them.