Wireless Broadband Plans

Wireless internet is all about convenience. By signing up for a wireless internet plan and setting up a home network, you’ll be able to get online without the need for messy wires.
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The benefits of wireless internet

Wireless internet means you don’t have to use cables to connect your computer to a modem or router for internet access. It’s a great way to stay connected if you’re on the go, or to share an internet connection between different people under one roof.

If you live in the type of household where multiple people will be using their own devices to enjoy the internet at the same time, you might find wireless internet is the easiest way to keep everyone online.

How to access wireless internet

There are two common ways to access wireless internet:

  • A wireless connection to a home router (Wi-Fi): A router is a small unit plugged into the wall that sends out radio signals, so your electronic devices can connect to your home internet.
  • A wireless modem (dongle): A dongle is a portable device you can carry with you, plug into your computer’s USB port and access the internet wherever you may be.

Wireless internet providers and availability

Wireless internet

To connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, you’ll need a broadband internet plan including wireless. You can find out more about wireless internet plans and providers here.

To connect to the internet using a dongle on the wireless broadband network, you will need to either go on a separate plan, or purchase the dongle outright and then top up your connection with pre-paid credit. With the high-speed 4G network now available in many locations across Australia, and the 5G network due to arrive in the next few years, there’s no better time to go wireless.

If you discover that wireless internet is unavailable in your area, or you’d like to explore other options, there are many other great ways to get connected.     

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