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How To Save Money On Car Insurance

Cars cost money - there's no way around it, but there are ways to minimise insurance costs. Read on to understand factors that can affect the cost of your insurance.
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Tricks to lower your car insurance

  1. Maintain a good driving record. Your driving record and claims history all help to determine your risk level and therefore how much you will pay for your car insurance. If you have a good driving record your premiums may be less.
  2. Elect to increase your excessIf you choose to assume greater risk you’ll likely pay less for your insurance. Consider increasing your excess to save money on your insurance premium. If you are a safe and confident driver, you may be able to afford more risk.
  3. Restrict other drivers. If you elect to restrict younger drivers from driving your car, you may receive a reduced premium. Younger drivers (under 25 years) are considered more likely to make a claim, so if you can declare that your driver’s seat is a juvenile-free zone, you may get a better premium from your insurer.
  4. Shop around. Compare policies and car insurers, you'll be surprised what you may save. Like any investment, it's well worth your time to shop around.
  5. Pay your premium in an annual lump sum. Some companies will charge you additional fees if you select to pay by the month either by loading the premium or charging additional fees. Pay annually may reduce the overall cost considerably.
  6. Keep your car in good condition. Visit your mechanic regularly to maintain the condition of your car and protect it from any deterioration that could depreciate the value of the vehicle and potentially affect a claim. Your insurance policy may not cover you for mechanical faults or tyre damage resulting from old age or neglect. Coverage may be lost altogether if your car is deemed un-roadworthy.
  7. Fit your car with safety features. Install an alarm or immobiliser and you may get a discount from some insurers.
  8. Consider the type of car you are insuring. The make and model of your car will indicate to insurers the repair and replacement costs, i.e. how it will fare in a collision and what it might cost to replace. Also, if you drive an economical car packed with safety features you may qualify for a range of discounts.
  9. Park your car in a secure area. If you live in an area with a high incidence of accidents, theft and/or vandalism you will generally pay more for their insurance. Park your car in a secure area, ideally off the street and under cover.

Maximise your discounts when it comes to car insurance

Are you making the most of your available discounts? Based on your driving record and claims history, you may be eligible for big savings on your policy.

    • No claims bonus. A no claims bonus is a discount based on the number of years you've gone without a claim.
    • Unadvertised discounts. If you're a long-term customer, pensioner or over the age of 50, you may qualify for additional discounts. Many insurers don't advertise these discounts, but don’t be afraid to ask.
    • Multi-car discounts. If you're a multi-car household or have teenagers or adult children living at home, you could save on premiums by combining all the cars under one policy.
    • Home owners. Owning a home demonstrates responsibility and some insurers will offer lower car insurance rates to home owners as a result.
    • Graduates. It pays to study – some insurance companies will offer special discounts to graduates.

Reduce your risks to insurers

Another way to potentially lower your premiums is to reduce your risk to insurers. You could do this by:

    • Enrolling in a defensive driving course.
    • Installing a security system in your car.
    • Parking your car in a driveway or garage instead of on the street.
    • Using a carpooling service to reduce your annual mileage.
    • Restricting the age of drivers on your policy to people over 30.

As always, be sure to update your policy whenever you make changes that affect your car, as they could also affect the price of your premium. For example, if you were moving house and your new neighbourhood has lower incidents of accidents, thefts or vandalism, your premium may reduce. Of course it doesn’t always work this way, but letting your insurer know about any changes will help ensure your policy remains valid.

Pay premiums in advance if possible

Some insurers add a surcharge to monthly payments. If you've already started paying month-to-month, you could avoid further surcharges by paying your premium in full at any time.

Always shop around

While different insurers use similar risk factors for pricing their policies, you'll often find there are different premiums for the exact same make and model of car.

The only way to make sure you're getting the best possible deal on your car insurance is to shop around and compare quotes.

Short on time? Break it down fast

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