ADSL2 Plans Comparison

ADSL2+ is the next step up from standard ADSL and generally provides a faster internet speeds. The closer you are to the exchange, the faster the speed you could enjoy.
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It is a type of internet connection that uses the same wires that are used in residential homes to make telephone calls. However, ADSL works on a different frequency to a phone, so the technology enables users to remain connected to the internet while still being able to make telephone calls.

ADSL2+ can be ideal for bandwidth heavy applications such as:

* streaming video
* downloading music
* online gaming
* viewing of content heavy websites.

Is ADSL2+ available in my area?

Although ADSL2+ runs through phone lines, it may not be available yet in your area. To see if it is available, call one of our broadband experts today on 1800 098 871.

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