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Your Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance and Comprehensive or Third Party cover are both extremely important, but for different reasons.
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To make sure you have the right coverage for your needs, here's a quick overview of car insurance in Queensland, including tips for getting a good deal on your Comprehensive or Third Party policy.

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CTP insurance, aka 'Green Slip' insurance, is a must for all drivers in the Sunshine State. It covers your liability if you cause an accident resulting in injury to yourself, your passengers, other drivers or pedestrians.

What makes Queensland different from most other states, however, is that you nominate your CTP provider on your registration. The prices across insurers are all within a set range, which is dictated by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission, but you get to name your preferred provider.*

How to get a great deal

While CTP covers you for injury liability, you will still need Comprehensive or Third Party** insurance in case you cause an accident and damage your own or someone else’s property or vehicle so that you’ve got some cover.

Here are some tips to help you find the right Comprehensive or Third Party insurance policy for your needs:

Don't just renew, review. Review your policy at renewal time and find out what the competitors are offering. You might be surprised at what you could save.
Get the discount you deserve. Your safe driver rating should move with you even if you change Insurer or policy type, so shop around for the best discounts.
More can be less. Multi-car policies offer great value, and the more cars on the policy, the more you can save.
Read everything. Check your coverage in detail to avoid any surprises at claim time. For example, does your policy pay for a hire car while yours is at the shop? Are there different excesses for different drivers? Are you covered for market or agreed value?
Go for value over price. Price isn't everything. Make sure your policy has got you covered – just in case.

How we can help

We understand reviewing different car insurance policies probably isn't your idea of fun, so why not let iSelect help?

Our consultants can give you free, helpful advice on how to select the right policy and benefits from our participating Insurers.

Find the right car insurance with iSelect’s car insurance comparison tool, or call iSelect HQ on 13 19 20 and let one of our consultants help.

** Third party fire and theft insurance provides cover for your car if it is stolen or damaged by fire. Third party property insurance provides cover for damage to other cars and property, and some policies may cover damage to your car caused by uninsured drivers.