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How you can compare internet plans with iSelect

How you can compare internet plans with iSelect

Step 1. Get acquainted

Share a few details about yourself, your household and the type of plan you’re looking for.

How you can compare internet plans with iSelect

Step 2. Understand your options

We will customise your plan, and go through your options based on what's important to you.

How you can compare internet plans with iSelect

Step 3. Get connected

Once you know you're making an informed choice, you can review, finalise and buy your internet plan with iSelect.

We’ll help you get your internet sorted

Which provider should you go with, which speed should you choose based on your needs, and how much will it cost? By comparing with us, you can easily customise your plan based on your needs, see your options side by side, and get our advice at no cost.

Internet plans, simplified.

Compare a range of products

We compare and select features from a range of internet providers to match your communication and entertainment needs.

Get expert advice

The broadband industry changes constantly, just as our consumption does. Our talented team helps you compare and save, while getting to the heart of what’s important to you.

Bundle it up

We can compare internet plans on their own or look at bundling your home phone too. We have plenty of options and solutions. It's your call.

We compare plans across some of Australia's biggest brands.

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iSelect does not compare all broadband or telecommunication providers or plans in the market. The availability of plans will change from time to time. Not all plans available from iSelect providers are compared by iSelect and due to commercial arrangements or availability, not all plans compared by iSelect will be available to all customers. Visit to view our range of providers.

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