What is cat insurance?

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What affects cat insurance premiums?

Unlike dogs, breeding has little impact on cat insurance premiums, which are more likely to be affected by the age of the animal.

Research has found that accident-cover premiums are higher than illness-cover premiums for kittens, as they’re more likely to hurt themselves or swallow something they shouldn’t. The opposite applies to older cats, where accident-cover premiums are lower than illness-cover premiums.

Nevertheless, when RSCPA Pet Insurance tallied up claims made over a 12-month period, they found that owners of Domestic Short Hairs are almost ten times more likely to make a claim, than Moggie owners. Other breeds like Ragdoll and Burmese also see the vet considerably less, with 724 and 558 claims respectively.

Is there anything cat insurance doesn’t cover?

Like other insurance policies, there are exclusions. You cat insurance won’t include things such as dental care, food, training, grooming, accessories or any chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments. In addition, all pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Cats can be staunchly independent when it comes to hunting, grooming and exercising. But that doesn’t mean they’re immune to broken bones, infections, skin conditions and upset tummies.

Sooner or later, even the healthiest cat might need to see the vet for more than just their regular vaccination. Cat insurance can help give you peace of mind, knowing your cat won’t have to go without the care they deserve.

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