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Every state in Australia has a different approach to car insurance. It’s important to understand how things work where you live in order to make the most of your options.
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Here's a quick overview of car insurance in NSW, from the lowdown on Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance to tips for getting the most out of your policy.

Getting the ‘green’ light

In NSW you are legally required to have CTP, aka 'Green Slip', insurance before you can register your car. This provides financial protection from personal liability should you injure someone while driving – whether that be yourself, your passengers, other drivers or pedestrians.

What makes NSW different from most other states, however, is that you can purchase your CTP insurance separately at registration time, with several different providers to choose from.

This flexibility means you can pick the right CTP insurance provider for your needs and budget.

Tips for choosing suitable car insurance

In addition to choosing your CTP provider at registration time, it's your right to shop for the most suitable Comprehensive or Third Party insurance policy for your needs. Here are some tips:

Regularly review your policy: When it is time to renew your car insurance, take the time to review your policy and compare it to what other Insurers are offering.
Get the maximum discount: Depending on your age, driving record and claims history, you may be eligible for significant discounts on a new policy.
Bundle your policies: If your household has more than one driver, and you each have your own set of wheels, bundling all the cars into one policy could equal big savings.
An eye for detail: Check your coverage in detail to avoid nasty surprises when you need to make a claim. For example, is your car insured for market value or agreed value? Are you allowed to choose your own repairer? Is the excess higher if your teenager is driving the car?
Go for best value, not lowest price: Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better. Compare policies to see which one strikes the right balance between your budget and your needs.

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