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Overseas emergency medical assistance

Travel doesn’t always go to plan and unfortunately emergencies can happen. Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance can provide you with a level of cover if you’re injured or become ill while travelling overseas. Cover can include emergency medical evacuation and hospital treatment, providing peace of mind at a time when your health should be your main concern.

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Rental vehicle excess

Hiring a car while on holidays can provide a great sense of freedom. However if the car is damaged, involved in an accident or stolen you could be liable to cover the cost of the rental car excess. While car rental companies typically offer an excess reduction product, a range of travel insurance providers will offer this feature as part of their offer, and is often cheaper.

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Loss or theft of luggage

Luggage often contains your essentials whether it be for an interstate work trip or island getaway. Loss or theft of luggage can seriously upset travel plans but appropriate cover can provide you with the comfort that if the worst happens you can claim for the loss up to the allowance provided for in your policy. Always remember any loss needs to be reported to the appropriate authority typically within 24 hours and documentation obtained.

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Cancellation fees

In the lead up to a planned holiday things can go wrong and you may need to cancel your trip. Cancellation cover can let you claim back certain expenses from your provider in situations where all or part of your trip is cancelled. The amount of cover will vary by insurer but can cover cost of flights, accommodation and paid for activities.

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Loss of cash or travel documents

Appropriate cover can help you pay for the costs of getting replacement travel documents such as your passport if they’re lost or stolen while you’re travelling. Cover may extend to replacing lost or stolen cash, but check the level of cover. Remember to check your policy details as not all situations will be covered including when items are left unattended or left behind in an aircraft, and you may need to prove ownership of any lost or stolen cash.

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Travel delay expenses

Even with the best of planning, delays and cancellations can happen that are beyond your control. A train may be cancelled causing you to miss a flight or you may need to return home due to a sick relative. While it can be upsetting that plans may need to be rescheduled, cover that can contribute to travel delay expenses can help relieve some of the concerns around additional expenses that can come as a result.

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