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Have you got Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) Loading?

LHC was introduced specifically for people aged over 31. If you do not have private hospital cover by this point, you will incur a 2% loading every year you don’t have cover. This is added to the cost of your insurance and increases each year until it reaches a maximum of 70%!

A national Ipsos Research study* found that over a third (36%) of Australians with private health insurance aren’t aware of LHC while over a quarter (28%) don’t know whether or not they are paying an LHC loading on their own policy!

LHC weighing you down? Our iSelect team can review your cover, and potentially reduce your Lifetime Health Cover Loading burden with a better value policy.

Have you got Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) Loading?

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*Lifetime Health Cover Research Ipsos May 17.
We do not compare all funds in the market, and not all funds are available at all times.
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