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PD Insurance is an all-Australian car insurer that began in Newcastle, NSW in 2010. In classic Aussie fashion, they had a mission to shake things up in the car insurance industry.
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What kind of insurance does PD Insurance offer?

PD Insurance offers a range of low-cost car insurance for all kinds of cars and all kinds of people. Their comprehensive car insurance is the most popular policy because it provides a wide range of valuable features at an affordable price. There are also a wide range of ad-ons available, including; 

What policies does PD Insurance offer?

PD Insurance offers the usual range of car insurance, but at affordable rates and with features that help give you added protection.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: This is the most complete policy that PD Insurance offers, giving you cover for loss or damage caused by an accident, theft, or fire. It also covers any damage that your car causes to another person’s vehicle or property, up to $20 million.

    Included features are aplenty here. For example, receive free windscreen or window glass repair if it can be repaired rather than replaced, a new vehicle or the agreed value for your car if it’s stolen or written-off at less than 12 months old, emergency accident repair cover for your car of up to $500, the reasonable cost of towing / storing your car if it’s damaged in an insured incident and can’t be safely driven, a hire car for up to 14 days if yours is stolen and up to $1,000 to replace stolen keys and locks.

    You can find more details about PD Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance here

  • Third Party Property Damage Insurance: This is the least expensive type of insurance offered by PD Insurance. It’s designed for drivers who want cover for damage you cause with your car, to other people’s vehicles or property.

    It doesn’t cover your car, but it will cover someone else's property up to $20 million, for example a brand-new Ferrari, should you be unfortunate enough to crash into one..

    As an additional benefit, PD Insurance will pay up to $5000 for loss or damage to your car caused by another driver who is not insured for your damage, subject to the terms of the policy.

    See more details about PD Insurance Third Party Property Damage Insurance, here.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance: Third Party Fire and Theft gives you the same cover as Third Party Property Damage insurance, plus some extras. As well as covering damage you cause with your car to other people’s property, it also covers you against the theft of your vehicle, as well as damage to it caused by fire, up to policy limits.

    Two of the comprehensive cover benefits apply here too: a hire car if your car is stolen and towing/storing your car if you can’t safely drive it after an insured incident.

    You can read more about PD Insurance Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance here.

It’s important to review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which includes information about policy features and exclusions, before making a decision to purchase cover.

Does PD Insurance offer any discounts?

PD Insurance is competitively priced to start with, but there are other ways you can reduce your premium to save even more money.

Claims Free Discount: The PD Insurance Claims Free Discount applies if you’ve had no claims in the last 5 years.

Paid in Full Discount: You can choose to pay your premium in monthly instalments, but if you pay it in full, PD Insurance will give you an Annual Payment Discount.

Early Shopper Discount: This is an easy way to save some money. All you have to do is get a quote from PD Insurance before your existing policy has expired.

How do you make a claim with PD Insurance?

PD Insurance takes pride in handling claims quickly and fairly, thanks to its local in-house claims team. Aiming to get you back on the road as soon and as safely as possible and keeping your inconvenience to a minimum.

PD Insurance has a simple claim process.

  1. In the event of an accident, begin lodging your claim through your online PD Insurance account or call the PD Insurance claims service centre.
  2. If your car is stolen, report it to the police immediately and then contact PD Insurance online or by phone.
  3. From the moment you lodge your claim, PD Insurance will take care of the rest and keep you informed throughout the claims process.

Why choose PD Insurance?

PD Insurance offers many benefits at an affordable price. It’s an all Aussie company that offers reliable insurance and prompt service, and could be well worth checking out next time your car insurance renewal rolls around. Or before, if you're eligible for the Early Shopper Discount.

Managing your policy.

PD Insurance comes with the considerable advantage of being able to manage your policy online. Simply login to your PD Insurance account and you can start making a claim, adjust your cover, update your details, access your documents, renew or cancel your policy, or add another car. It’s that easy.

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iSelect’s helpful team is available to talk through some options from their range of policies and insurers and discuss what PD insurance might be able to offer. So, give iSelect a call on 13 19 20.

Last updated: 4/03/2021