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Budget Direct Car Insurance

Budget Direct is an Australian insurer that offers a range of quality Car Insurance policies. Keep reading to learn about their products on offer!
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What types of Car Insurance does Budget Direct offer?

Like most insurers, Budget Direct Car Insurance offers three types of cover: Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party Property Only Insurance, and Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Insurance. 

  • Comprehensive Car InsuranceAs the name suggests, this policy gives you the widest range of cover. It can include cover for loss or damage to your vehicle due to events such as accident, theft, severe weather, malicious damage, and fire. It also covers your liability for accidental damage that your car causes to other people’s property.

  • Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Car Insurance: This covers you for the same as Third Party Property Only, with extra protection against loss or damaged to your vehicle due to fire or theft.

  • Third Party Property Only Car Insurance: This is the lowest level of cover offered by Budget Direct Car Insurance. It covers your liability for damage your car causes to other peoples’ property and vehicles.

What are the benefits of Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance?

As well as offering good value, quality insurance in general, there are several features that help Budget Direct really stand out.

  • Tailor-made cover: By restricting your policy to drivers over a certain age, you can save on your premium. Budget Direct offers you the biggest range of age options of any major insurer, giving you more chances to save. You can choose 21+,25+,30+,40+ or 50+.
  • Lifetime repair guarantee: When you’re insured with Budget Direct, any authorised repairs to your car will have a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the car.
  • 24/7 Claims: This means you can lodge a claim any time, day or night, 365 days a year (366 in a leap year!). That’s going to save you waiting and worrying as you can lodge your claim straight away, and Budget Direct will take control.
  • Outstanding Value: Budget Direct has won 14 consecutive (2007-2021) Canstar awards for Outstanding Value. That really says it all.
  • Towing costs: Budget Direct Car Insurance will cover you for reasonable towing costs if your car can’t be safely driven after an accident.
  • Hire car after no-fault accident or theft: If Budget Direct agrees to pay your claim for a no-fault accident or if your car is stolen, they will provide you with a hire car, so you won’t be left car-less.
  • Hail warnings: As a Budget Direct customer, we'll send you an SMS ‘Hail Hero’ warning if a hail storm is approaching the address where your car is usually kept. It’s exclusive to customers throughout Australia and will hopefully give you the chance to make sure your car is safely undercover before the golf balls start falling.

Can I tailor my Budget Direct Car Insurance?

If you choose to take out a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, Budget Direct Car Insurance offers you the option to pay an additional premium to customise it to your needs. You can choose one or more from the below options:

  • Accident hire car: Get a hire car for up to 14 days, while your car is being repaired if it is damaged in an at fault accident. Hire car following a no fault accident or theft are already covered as standard benefits.
  • Reduced window glass excess: For an additional premium you can lower the excess for damage to your vehicle’s windscreen or window glass to just $40.
  • Choice of repairer: Adding this option means that you can nominate your preferred repairer if you have a claim.

As with any Car Insurance, there will be certain exclusions that apply, so it’s worth reading the Product Disclosure Statement to find out the details.

What is an excess and how can it lower your premium?

Simply put, a Car Insurance excess is the fixed amount you pay towards a claim before your insurance company pays anything. In some cases, you may have to pay more than one excess: your Basic Excess plus any additional excesses that apply.

Your Basic Excess and the additional excesses will be shown on your Insurance Certificate. You can check exactly what those excesses will be before you take out your policy. If you make a claim, you’ll be told which excesses apply and when and how to pay them.  If the accident is deemed a no fault accident, then you may not have to pay any excess.

When you’re taking out a Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, you may be asked if you want to increase or lower the excess on your policy. If you opt for a higher excess this can reduce the premium, or if you choose a lower excess your premium could be higher. It's important to choose the excess you'll be comfortable to pay in the event of a claim.

How much can I insure my car for with Budget Direct?

With Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance, you can normally insure your car for its market value. In certain cases, you can insure your vehicle for an ‘agreed value’.

Market value is the reasonable cost to replace your vehicle with one of the same make, model, age, mileage and overall condition. Your car's market value will be determined by Budget Direct at the time of a claim.

Agreed value, as the name suggests, is the amount that Budget Direct agrees to insure your car for. This is normally only considered if your car is less than 10 years old, has no pre-existing damage, has not been converted to LPG, and the agreed value is within an acceptable range of the market value. The value for which your car is insured will be shown on your Insurance Certificate.

Why choose Budget Direct?

Budget Direct provides award-winning Australian Car Insurance. In fact, Canstar compared 53 comprehensive policies for cost and features, offered by 42 other insurers, and declared Budget Direct its national award winner for Outstanding Value Car Insurance. That makes it 15 years in a row taking out this honour, including 2021, and that’s a record! Budget Direct also picked up Money magazine’s Best of the Best 2021 title for Car Insurance and a MOZO Experts’ Choice 2021 award for Exceptional Value Car Insurance.

How can I learn more about Budget Direct Car Insurance?

Good question! iSelect’s helpful team is available to talk through your options and discuss what Budget Direct might be able to offer. Call today on 13 19 20, or begin our Car Insurance comparison process, and review any eligible Budget Direct policies online.