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Some people say 'Parma' and some say 'Parmi', but we all know it’s essentially the same thing. Same goes for Green Slip and CTP Insurance. It’s just that in NSW it is referred to as 'Green Slip' and in most other states it is 'CTP'.
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But either way, it’s important to know what the name actually means, because if you own a car, you’re required to have it. That’s right, everyone in Australia is required to have Compulsory Third Party insurance before they can get on the roads.

What is Green Slip/CTP car insurance?

In short, Green Slip is a car insurance policy that helps provide compensation for people killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident. Without it, you could end up personally accountable for covering the compensation costs of an injured person, if you were found to be liable. The price of compensation costs could be quite high, ranging from thousands to even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What’s different about Green Slip/CTP insurance in NSW?

Green slip insurance varies from state to state. The main difference in NSW is that drivers are expected to choose their own CTP insurance provider before they register their vehicle. There are five licensed insurers who offer green slip insurance policies.

Does it matter what insurer I choose to go with?

All Green Slips generally have the same level of protection, but some insurers offer additional types of cover and incentives. So make sure you check to see what’s included in the policy and if there are any add-ons you might want to consider. Once you’ve purchased your policy, your chosen insurer will then work with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to sort out your car registration.

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Are there different types of Green Slip/CTP insurance?

Generally, in NSWs there are two different types: either a 6-month or a 12-month policy. If you’re a motor dealer or a fleet owner, the options may vary more when it comes to picking a policy. If you drive a historic vehicle, a purpose-built vehicle, or any other limited road access vehicles, you may be able to take out an unregistered vehicle permit or even conditional registration.

What does Green Slip/CTP insurance cover?

Green Slip insurance typically covers all injured parties in a road accident, regardless of who was at fault (unless you’re charged with a dangerous driving offence). According to the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority, you’re usually allowed to claim up to six months (26 weeks) of the following:

  • A percentage of your pre-injury weekly income if you need to take time off work.
  • Any necessary treatment and rehabilitation expenses (the amount you’re able to claim back will differ depending on your policy).
  • At home support services if you need help around the house while you recover.

If you find yourself seriously injured after being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may also be able to claim benefits past the 6-month time span.

How are Green Slip insurance premiums calculated?

Green Slip insurance is mandatory and there’s a set price range that all insurers follow, but the price can slightly differ depending on the risk level of a vehicle and its driver. There are a few things that can influence this, including:

  • Vehicle owner or driver age
  • Your safety record
  • Any demerit points you have
  • Claims history
  • Vehicle age
  • Where the vehicle is kept
  • Whether or not your vehicle is comprehensively insured

Who’s covered by your Green Slip insurance?

Anyone injured by your vehicle is generally covered by your policy. This usually includes the following:

  • You, your passengers or anyone else driving or riding in your vehicle.
  • The drivers, passengers and riders of any other vehicles that are injured by your vehicle in the accident.
  • Cyclists, pedestrians and other road users that are injured by your vehicle

What is generally not covered by Green Slip insurance?

Green Slips don’t cover the cost of damage made to any vehicles or property that are involved in an accident. For this kind of additional cover, you might consider looking into other insurance types, including Comprehensive, Third-Party Property or Third-Party Fire and Theft.

If I have an accident in a different state am I still covered by Green Slip insurance?

Yes, Green Slip insurance insures NSW drivers all over Australia no matter where the accident involving your vehicle occurred.

What happens if my Green Slip expires?

If your Green slip expires you need to organise a new one to be able to register your car. If you renew your Green Slip after the due date, make sure you wait until you’re covered before you get on the road or you could be fined.

What information do I need to give my insurer when organising a Green Slip?

Honesty is the best policy. When buying a Green slip, it’s important to give accurate information about your vehicle, yourself, and anyone else who might be driving your car.  Your insurer will most likely ask for the following information:

  • The year you bought your car
  • The make and model of your car
  • Your postcode (where you keep your car)
  • The age of anyone who might drive the car
  • Demerit points

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Last updated: 1/04/2021