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Popular Bali activities – and the travel insurance considerations
Potential problems in Bali
What’s not typically covered?
Find a suitable travel insurance policy for Bali with iSelect

To give you an idea, in 2016 more than 1.2 million Aussies travelled to Indonesia,1[email protected]/products/961B6B53B87C130ACA2574030010BD05 and Bali is usually one of the top Indonesian destinations for Australian travellers.

While Bali is a beautiful tropical paradise, you definitely need to take some precautions when travelling there. The Australian government suggests exercising a high degree of caution while staying there.2 For this reason, having suitable travel insurance could be beneficial. 

There’s lots to love about Bali, and plenty to do. Here’s run-down of some popular tourist activities and things you need to be aware of.

  • Surfing and other water sports: Bali’s a surf lover’s paradise, with many surfers using the island as a base for boat trips out to reef breaks. Snorkelling trips are also popular. As these trips can often be to remote areas, travel insurance can be beneficial if you fall ill or get injured, and need to be transported for medical help.
  • Moped and motorcycle riding: Riding a moped or a motorcycle is a popular way to get around Bali and its chaotic traffic. Before you travel, check with your insurer if you’re covered for riding a motorcycle and what restrictions apply. For example, some policies won’t provide cover if you aren’t licensed to ride a motorcycle in Australia. Make sure you, and any passengers, always wear an appropriate helmet.
  • Seeing wildlife: Wildlife, and particularly monkeys, are one of Bali’s attractions. But never forget that these are wild animals and could attack you if threatened. Animals can carry a host of diseases that can require expensive medical treatment, so it’s another good reason to consider travel insurance.
  • Quad bike tours: Some travellers choose to join a quad bike, or ATV, tour through rural Bali, including riding through rivers and off-road. Some tour operators include insurance, but others may not. It’s worth checking what the tour operator policy covers, and if participation jeopardises the cover from your personal travel insurance policy.

Make sure you shop around to find suitable travel insurance. Most policies cover accidents, illness, theft, losses and cancellations, but you may need extra cover depending on your plans and circumstances.

Potential problems in Bali

Australian Government site, Smartraveller, lists several reasons for travellers to exercise caution when travelling to Bali.3 This includes a high threat level for terrorist attacks, active volcanoes on Bali and neighbouring islands, as well as the after-effects of the earthquakes in neighbouring Lombok and the Gili Islands, in July and August 2018.

If you decide to travel, be aware that your travel insurance may not cover you. This is particularly the case for natural disasters where if the occurrence is already in action – for example the volcano is actively erupting and causing travel complications. In a scenario like this, it’s likely that your insurer will not give you any cover and you could find yourself substantially out of pocket.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung is an active volcano in Bali. While it’s a beautiful and awe-inspiring natural spectacle, it has the potential to disturb flights and general airport operations with its ash clouds. Also, if travel insurers are aware that the volcano is active and causing disturbances, they may cease to provide cover for any claims relating to Mt. Agung.

Medical issues

Food poisoning and moped accidents are a potential risk in Bali. There’s also the possibility of catching malaria and dengue fever.4 Indonesia does not have a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia,5 so if you get sick and don’t have travel insurance, you could be facing a hefty bill.

Cancellations and lost deposits

Travel can be disrupted by floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. You may also need cover against cancellations caused by injuries, severe illness, accidents, and hijackings.

Your luggage

Petty theft is common in Bali6 so it’s important to have cover for your possessions, travel documents, cash, and other valuables.

Your personal liability

If you damage property or injure someone while you’re in Bali, then personal liability insurance could be beneficial.

Any extras?

Watch out for extras like loss of income, rental vehicle insurance, permanent disability and extra cover for animal boarding fees if you’re delayed.

What’s not typically covered?

Reckless moped riding isn’t covered. If you’re riding without a helmet and/or without a current Australian licence, you’re not protected.7 Risky activities like climbing or sky diving might not be covered, so check and add it on if necessary.

If you leave your luggage or possessions unattended, you won’t be covered if they’re lost or stolen.

Alcohol and drug-related incidents aren’t covered either. Stay safe and drink in moderation. This is especially true for alcohol-related incidents if you’re under the legal drinking age for the destination – and in Bali, the legal drinking age is 21.8 Something for ‘schoolies’ travellers to keep in mind! And remember that Bali and Indonesia have strict anti-drug laws, with severe punishments, including the death penalty.

Ignoring travel advice from the Australian Government9 may leave you uncovered if you go and become involved in a terrorism incident. Check to see if any pre-existing medical conditions are covered before you travel and pay for an add-on if they’re not.

Find a suitable travel insurance policy for Bali with iSelect

With a suitable policy, you can relax and enjoy all your Bali adventure has to offer, secure in the knowledge that should the unexpected happen, you’re covered. At iSelect, we’ll help you to compare policies and help you find a suitable travel insurance policy.

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Save time and effort by comparing a range of travel insurance policies with iSelect*

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