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When it comes to getting quick and easy energy quotes, comparison sites can come in handy. You simply plug in your details, and voila! A list of great offers will pop up in no time.
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Save time and effort by comparing a range of energy plans with iSelect*


But how do comparison sites arrive at these magical numbers? And what are the different types of energy offers?

Here’s everything you need to know about energy quotes.

What we’ll ask and why

When you visit iSelect for an energy quote, we’ll ask for a few details so we can find plans from our range of products and providers* for your needs and budget.

These include:

  • Your postcode. This can often tell us who your distributor is. The cost of distribution varies in different areas and has an effect on end costs.
  • If you are moving into the property. This tells us whether you need a new connection or are looking to switch providers or plans.
  • If you have a recent bill. If so, we can find out how much you are currently paying for energy, your billing cycle, and your usage type or tariff – i.e. single rate, two rate, or time of use. It also gives us an indication of your household’s energy usage.
  • Your solar situation. Whether or not you have solar panels, or are planning to install solar panels in the next 12 months, may have an impact on your energy quotes, depending on the feed-in tariff.

We’ll ask for a few other minor details, which will help us tailor the energy quotes from our range of providers and plans* to suit you.

After that, you can simply sit back and relax while we search plans from our range of electricity and gas providers in your area*.

Making the switch

Whether you decide to switch energy providers or need a new connection, we’ll arrange everything on your behalf.

Changing providers is easy to do and you won’t be without power at any point during the switch. In fact, the only real difference will be the logo that appears on your future energy bill.

Best of all, you won’t pay a cent for our service.

So, what are you waiting for? Compare today.

Getting great energy quotes is quick and easy with iSelect. Simply enter your postcode here to get started.