Canna Campbell

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Canna Campbell is fast-becoming one of Australia’s most sought-after experts in the personal finance space. An experienced and qualified financial planner, Canna left a prosperous career with a major bank to start her own boutique practice, SASS Financial, which she founded in 2007. 
With the goal of bringing her knowledge to a wider audience, Canna launched her Youtube channel and website, SugarMamma TV. Through her engaging content and personable style, Canna makes personal finance accessible and simple for everyday Australians. Through her Youtube channel and blog she shares tips on topics including saving money, getting out of debt, achieving your financial goals, and building long-term passive income.  
Canna is the author of two best-selling books, including The $1000 Project, and her follow-up, Mindful Money, and is also the founder and host of podcast, Sugarmamma’s Fireplay. To further her goal of helping Australians achieve financial freedom, Canna created an app, ‘Sugar Budget’, which is available through the Apple App Store. 
Canna regularly features on Channel 9’s Today Show, Today Extra, and Today Weekend as a paid financial expert. She currently resides in Sydney, with her husband and two children.