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Find a Cheaper Electricity Plan

If your electricity bill is leaving you shocked, it might be time to look for a cheaper Electricity Plan. But where do you start? The key to finding an appropriate Electricity Plan is a tried-and-trusted strategy: comparing Electricity Providers.

How to find a good deal on electricity

Start by getting an idea of your usage patterns and understanding how electricity rates work. So, if you’re ready to jump right in and start comparing a selection of providers, you can use our convenient online platform.*

What factors can make my electricity cheaper?

Your electricity bill is a combo of a few different factors. If you know what goes into getting that final price, you might discover some opportunities to cut costs and save.

Tariff types

Different Energy Plans can charge you different rates. For instance, some plans have just one rate known as a ‘single rate tariff’. Other plans, known as ‘time-of-use tariffs’, will charge you different rates at different times. These might be cheaper if you tend to use electricity during ‘off-peak’ times.1 While we don’t recommend becoming a vampire and living your life in off-peak electricity times, moving to a time-of-use tariff plan could be a way to save. As you’re reviewing your current Energy Plan and comparing other options, take note of the tariff type, not just the price. 

Fees and charges 

Some plans come with fees and charges that get added to your bill. These can include connection fees when you first connect your property with the Energy Provider, even if you’re an existing customer; late fees if you don’t pay a bill on time; or termination fees if you leave the contract early. Understanding what these charges are and if they’re a factor in the plans you’re comparing will help you avoid any nasty surprises when your bill shows up. 

Rate types 

Most Electricity Plans offer variable rates: rates which go up and down with the energy market. However, some providers will also ‘fix’ their rates for a set period. These fixed rates will provide some assurance that your electricity charges won’t rise suddenly during the set period. Depending on what your finance habits look like and if you want to take a gamble, variable or fixed rates may be more attractive for you. Knowing how you use electricity at home throughout the year can also help you make this decision. 


Who doesn’t love getting a bargain? Excitingly, you might be able to grab some discounts on your energy bill. This could be for paying your bills on time or using direct debit. Your Electricity Provider might offer discounts for signing up to their Energy Plans online, as well as receiving all bills via email rather than the post. So, keep those eyes peeled for any of these discounts, including what conditions they have attached.  

If you ever have any questions about your electricity bill and how the total amount due was calculated, be sure to check in with your provider. They can explain why it may be different to what you were expecting.

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