NBN Fixed Wireless:

Fixed wireless is a form of NBN that uses data sent via radio signals to connect you to the NBN network. Keep reading on to learn more about Fixed Wireless NBN.
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What is Fixed Wireless?

This form of NBN is the most common wireless NBN connection in Australia.1 Fixed Wireless is often used in situations where there is a large distance between homes in a given area. It uses similar tech as the 4G network, connecting your NBN via an antenna installed on your property.

How does Fixed Wireless work?

This form of NBN uses transmission towers to send data to an outdoor NBN antenna fixed to your premises.

There are two ways a Fixed Wireless service is connected:

The standard install process:

Your chosen Provider will send an approved NBN installer to test your premises for a Fixed Wireless signal. If found, the antenna will be fitted on the façade of your premises. Closely located near the antenna, a NBN connection box will be installed inside to connect you to the internet. 2

The non-standard install process:

This occurs if your premises is unable to receive a suitable Fixed Wireless signal.  If this happens, an NBN installer will see if there is an alternate location on your property that can get a signal. 2 Following this, your antenna and connection box will be installed. 2

What equipment is required to set up Fixed Wireless?

Fixed Wireless may need indoor and outdoor devices and cabling installed. There are a variety of devices to you may also be required to connect: 2

Equipment may include:

  • Outdoor Antenna
  • NBN connection box
  • Wall outlet
  • Ethernet cabling (typically provided with your router)
  • Modem (generally provided to you by your internet provider) 2

The NBN modem will need to connect to a power outlet and a telephone socket with an ethernet cable.  The modem will then  connect to your wireless router via an ethernet cable. Once you plug your router into a power outlet you will be able to connect your devices to your new NBN connection.2

How fast is Fixed Wireless?

The speed of your Fixed Wireless connection can depend on a variety of factors:

  • The configuration of your connection
  • Your usage type
  • The quality of your equipment
  • Your signal reception
  • Software used
  • Level of internet traffic and activity
  • Your chosen plan or provider

Is there any way to improve my Fixed Wireless strength?

If you’re finding that you're experiencing speed or performance issues, consider the following:

Use your broadband at less popular times:

  • The amount of congestion on your network is affected by your provider's ability to control congestion traffic. Congestion occurs in peak usage times e.g. at night when more streaming occurs. If your signal strength is lacking, it may be worth considering changing providers.

Consider your device traffic:

  • Your home internet is likely to run faster when only one device (e.g. a computer) is using the server. Yet, if you were to begin streaming, surfing the web and gaming at the same time you may notice a delay. If you suspect that using multiple devices is weakening your internet speed, try to limit your household device traffic.

Where is your modem located?

  • If your modem is situated in a room that is near a microwave, tv or mobile it may impact your signal strength. As such, it could help to move your modem around the house to find its ideal position.

Is your equipment setup and working correctly?

  • Sometimes internet lag can be caused by equipment such as poor-quality modems. It may be worth trying out a new one to see if that boosts your broadband performance.

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Last Updated: 15/10/2021