Alex Kidman

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Alex Kidman is an award-winning journalist and writer with over 25 years experience writing about just about every facet of consumer technology, from internet plans to mobile phones, laptops to TVs, EVs to printers.  

Alex has a passion for making technology accessible and helping people make smarter choices when they’re spending their money, whether that’s on a new gadget or a service. While he appreciates a shiny new device or new approach, at the end of the day it’s all about what technology can actually do to make our lives better to Alex. 

He is a former editor at CNET Australia, Gizmodo Australia, ZDNet Australia, APC, and PC Mag Australia, as well as being a regular contributor to many technology publications and newspapers in Australia and abroad. He regularly features on ABC Radio and TV talking about technology topics, and was one half of the award winning team behind the technology podcast Vertical Hold for over a decade.