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When it comes to finding an electricity provider, where you live determines how much choice you have. Additionally, there are more providers in some states and territories than in others.
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Please note that we only don't compare all providers in the market, and we don't compare all electricity plans available from our providers. Here’s a full list of iSelect’s range of providers.


Originally the ‘Australian Gas Light Company’, AGL have been operating since 1837. In that time, they’ve grown to become one of Australia’s largest electricity suppliers. That kind of experience, and over 3.7 million customers, is hard to ignore. AGL generates their electricity from a variety of both traditional and renewable sources.

Origin Energy

Origin is one of Australia’s largest electricity providers and for good reason. Their ‘Good Energy’ motto is derived from their dedication to providing sustainable, affordable energy that’s good for both their customers and the planet. Origin is on track to make renewable of their mix by the end of 2020 and to remove coal in its entirety by 2032.


Based in Canberra, ActewAGL has over 100 years experience in bringing affordable energy to Australians. Being big supporters of local community and charity, and recognized as having a progressive portfolio of renewable energy sources such as solar and battery storage, ActewAGL is one to watch now and into the future.

Energy Australia

EnergyAustralia, with over 1.7 million customers, is a big player in the Australian energy market. They’ve been around for nearly a century and are owned by CLP Group, one of the largest integrated power providers in the Asia Pacific. So if you’re the type that feels more comfortable dealing with a large, reliable, established energy provider, Energy Australia could be the one for you.

Compare Electricity Suppliers

Comparing electricity suppliers and providers, as well as rates, can be a complex, time-consuming process but can be well worth the effort, so if you’ve never taken the time to compare electricity providers before, there’s a good chance you are paying a lot more for electricity than necessary.

Comparing Electricity

When you do sit down to examine which provider can give you a good deal, these are the points you need to consider:

  • What are the peak and off-peak rates for each provider?
  • What is your average household usage?
  • What is the supply charge for each provider?
  • What is the green energy rating for each provider?
  • Are you prepared to be locked into a contract and, if so, for how long?
  • Will you have to pay cancellation fees if you wish to change providers again?

Electricity & Gas Bundles

This is often referred to as ‘dual fuel’. Not only do you only receive one bill to keep track of, but the market is also highly competitive, with some providers offering an annual rebate on your annual bills if you stay with the company and also pay your bills by the due date.

The flipside of this, however, is that you also need to be aware of any cancellation fees for early termination of your contract.

There are discounts and savings to be had by shopping around for your electricity provider – using iSelect makes it quick and easy.

Don’t fancy spending hours comparing offers from all the suppliers in your region? Finding a suitable gas and electricity plan from iSelect's range of providers* is quick and easy. Simply enter your postcode here to get started on your Energy comparison!


Last updated: 17/06/2022