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DSL internet: an overview

When it comes to making the most of what the internet has to offer, it’s essential to have a connection that can keep up.

DSL is a type of internet connection that connects your home to the internet using existing landline phone wiring. That means many homes across Australia can be connected to DSL easily and quickly.

Unlike dial-up internet, which began to be phased out in the 1990s, a DSL internet connection allows the home phone line to be in use at the same time.

The types of DSL connections

In Australia, DSL internet connections are very common. ADSL and ADSL2+ are two popular types of DSL connections2, and most of our internet providers offer at least one of the two.

While DSL internet makes use of landline phone cables, it’s possible to connect with DSL using a ‘Naked’ DSL plan. This means you can still have an internet connection without the need for an existing phone line.

What you’ll need to connect with DSL

To connect to the internet at home with DSL, you’ll need3:

  • An active home phone line: This will allow the internet connection to be serviced to your home, and is required unless you’re connecting with Naked DSL.
  • A modem: This piece of equipment connects the telephone outlet on your wall to your computer, allowing you to get online.
  • A DSL internet plan: You can compare DSL providers and their plans with iSelect, to ensure you get the best possible deal for your internet needs.

How to compare DSL plans

If you’ve decided that DSL is the right connection for you, take the next step towards getting online. Let’s compare DSL plans from our range of providers.