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Multi-Vehicle Car Insurance Policies

If you live in a household with other drivers, it’s odds-on you’ve got two or more cars between you. That means you may have multi-vehicle car insurance policies available to you which could potentially save on premiums.
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What is a multi-vehicle Car Insurance policy?

Multi-vehicle Car Insurance covers two or more vehicles under the same policy. Each vehicle is rated individually and the level of cover can vary between cars, but there is only one policy. So there’s only one bill. That helps cut down paperwork and in some cases can earn the insured drivers a discount.

How much could you save with a multi-car policy?

It’s highly dependent on factors such as everyone’s age and driving history so you would need to check with the insurer if there is a discount available.

Who could get multi-vehicle Car Insurance?

Generally, if you are an individual or a group who share a residential address with more than one car between you, you may be able to consider a multi-vehicle Car Insurance from a provider.

Multi-vehicle Car Insurance may be useful for:

  • Individuals who have more than one car for themselves.
  • Families who have more than one vehicle.
  • Friends who live together and have more than one vehicle.
  • Parents who want to include their children's insurance on their bill.

How many cars can you have on a multi-vehicle Car Insurance policy?

This varies between different insurance companies, you can ask when looking at different policies.

What are the pros and cons of multi-vehicle Car Insurance policies?

One of the benefits of having a household’s cars all under one insurance policy is the ease of administration. A multi-vehicle Car Insurance policy usually means there is just one set of paperwork all under the name of one person.

Alongside the convenience, your insurance could also work out cheaper if you have a multi-vehicle policy. This could vary between each car owner on the policy. It’s wise to compare an individual policy to see if you save by taking out a multi-vehicle insurance.

Some things to watch out for:

  • Because several cars are insured, the annual bill could look big.
  • The policy will likely be under one person’s name, which may not reflect the ownership of the individual vehicles.
  • If one person or vehicle is removed from the policy it could also affect the premium.

What are some other ways to reduce premiums?

Even if you don’t receive a multi-vehicle discount, there are several other ways you may be able to help bring your premium down depending on your circumstances and the policy. Here are some examples:

  • No Claims Discount: Hopefully, over the years, you’ll accrue a no claims discount, the exact discount can vary between insurers who offer it, so check it out.
  • Listed drivers: Be aware that listing young drivers on your policy can bump up your premium with some insurers. You can probably save by restricting drivers to over a certain age .
  • Garage your car: A car which is securely garaged at night is safer from theft and other damage, and in some cases will attract a lower Car Insurance premium.
  • Low mileage: If you’re driving less, you could be paying less, check out low mileage or ‘pay as you drive’ style policies.
  • Usage: You may get a cheaper premium if you don’t use your car for business and just drive for pleasure.
  • Online discounts: Some insurers may offer a discount if you complete your purchase online.

Find a policy fast, with iSelect.

At iSelect, while we don’t currently offer multi-vehicle policies, you can get a quick, easy comparison online with iSelect’s Car Insurance comparison tool*. If you’d like more information, call 13 19 20 and one of our friendly consultants will help you compare policies from our range of insurers.

Last updated: 28/10/2021