iSelect's Editorial & Fact-Checking Guidelines

At iSelect, our mission is to help make the lives of Australians easier by saving them time, effort and money. Our Editorial and Fact-Checking Guidelines lays out how we aim to achieve this through the content we produce.
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Our commitment to you

At iSelect, our mission is to help make the lives of Australians easier by saving them time, effort and money. As the old saying goes: “knowledge is power” and cliché aside, we think it’s true. We want to arm you with the power by providing you with resources to make informed choices.  


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Content you can trust

We’re committed to providing clear, accurate and quality content you can trust. That’s why each piece of content we produce goes through a rigorous process of fact-checking and reviews.  

Our team of writers adheres to strict processes to research, substantiate and source any claims we make. The content will then be reviewed by our editors, research analysts, subject matter experts, and compliance teams as required to make sure the content we produce is accurate and transparent.  


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Editorial Integrity

From time to time we might discuss different brands (including brands we work with), and we’ll do so because we believe it’s in the interest of our readers to have the information. We may work closely with subject matter experts including our brand partners to ensure the content we’re discussing is factual, but ultimately, the content we publish will be based on facts and the interest of our readers.  


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Keeping it real

We know you’re time-poor and have a million other things to do, so we’ll work hard to bring you the information you’re looking for quickly and easily. Our goal is to publish practical, easy-to-read content that’ll be helpful and interesting.  


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Providing information, not advice

We want to help you make more informed decisions about your finances, but we’re simply not able to produce content that’s tailored for your exact situation.  

The content we produce will therefore be general in nature and designed to be informative, but we won’t publish content that purports to provide specific advice.