Harbour ISP Internet Plans

Harbour ISP is an internet service provider that has offered high quality, fast and competitively-priced broadband internet through fibre, fixed wireless and satellite since 2005.
Harbour ISP

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What services do Harbour ISP provide?

In terms of residential services, here’s what’s included in Harbour ISP’s plans.




NBN Fibre

OptiComm Fibre

Home Phone

NBN Fixed Wireless

LBNCo Fibre

4G Mobile

NBN Sky Muster

ADSL2+ Broadband


NBN Sky Muster Plus

OPENetworks Fibre


NBN Education PIP Plan



What is Harbour ISP NBN Sky Muster Plus?

Harbour ISP’s Sky Master Plus plan provides fast, reliable satellite internet to your home, making it easier to enjoy essential services like browsing the internet and checking emails with unmetered usage. Even video calls and social media are unmetered with Harbour ISP’s Sky Master Plus plan.

What is Harbour ISP NBN Fixed Wireless?

Harbour ISP’s NBN Fixed Wireless Plus provides an alternative to ADSL, and typically provides more data than typical mobile broadband plans.

Harbour provides unlimited downloads from $69 per month. If you’re on a similar plan to this, but at a higher price it could be worthwhile comparing internet plans.

What is Harbour ISP NBN Fibre?

Harbour ISP has competitive unlimited NBN plans available. You even get to pick your usage and speed to best suit your household’s needs. There’s also an option to switch to VOIP, instead of a landline.

How quickly can I get connected to Harbour ISP Internet?

For fibre and fixed wireless, Harbour ISP will send a pre-configured router to you in up to 7 days of signing up. Depending on where you are, an NBN technician may need to complete a site visit for you to be up and running. For satellite services, Harbour ISP will send you your pre-configured router and will organise for NBNCo to install your satellite – this usually takes a few weeks.

What 4G mobile plans does Harbour ISP offer?

Harbour ISP has a number of 4G sim-only mobile plans on Telstra’s network.

Why choose Harbour ISP?

  • Australian supportHarbour ISP have a local setup and support team, and they partner with industry-leading technology companies to deliver a top-quality service.
  • Great savings: Competitive pricing has always been a part of Harbour’s success. If you haven’t checked them out before, now’s the time.
  • Flexible contracts: Select the plan you likefrom their range of flexible contracts, allowing you to connect on month to month, 12 or a 24 month term.

Can Harbour ISP help me connect to the OptimComm network?

First, let’s start with ‘what is the OptimComm network’? Opticomm Australia is one of Australia’s leading supplier of fibre-to-the-premises technology. In new residential and business developments, they specialise in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of FTTP solutions.

As a member of the OptiComm community, you’ll get access to super-fast and reliable internet services. If you’re in an OptiComm community in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia or Western Australia, Harbour ISP can get you connected.

Can Harbour ISP help me connect to the LBNCo network?

LBNCo are specialists in voice and data networking for homes, businesses, villages and retail precincts. Smart Building Connectivity is the future of fibre, and if you’re lucky enough to be in an LBNCo community, Harbour ISP can connect you.

Can Harbour ISP help me connect to the OPENetworks?

OPENetworks specialise in delivering FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) networks to existing developments. If you’re in an OPENetworks community, Harbour ISP will get you connected.

How do I manage my account with Harbour ISP?

All Harbour ISP customers get access to a super helpful Customer Portal that contains live usage info, all your billing details (including downloadable invoices) and alerts when you are nearing 50/85/100% of your usage.

How do I sign up for Harbour ISP?

If Harbour ISP sounds like they might be a good choice for your NBN or any other service, give iSelect a call on 13 19 20 to help you compare from our range of plans and providers. We’d be happy to help.

Last updated: 23/06/2021