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If you’re wondering whether you need to take out ambulance cover in Victoria, this article will help you understand how cover works in your state, and what you need to be aware of when purchasing a policy.
ambulance cover victoria

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Every year, ambulance services in Victoria respond to over 800,000 calls for help1 – that’s over 2,000 calls a day. However, if you live in Victoria and need to be treated or transported by ambulance, it’s important to note that you’ll be charged a fee for these services, unless you qualify for free ambulance cover.

What is ambulance cover?

Ambulance cover reimburses you for the cost of ambulance transport and treatment2. It can be taken out as part of your hospital or general treatment cover, or as a stand-alone cover.

Not all policies provide the same level of ambulance cover, so you’ll need to check what your individual policy includes. For example, are you covered for both emergency and clinically necessary non-emergency situations? What about incidents that take place outside of Victoria?

Where can I buy ambulance cover in Victoria?

In the state of Victoria, you can either purchase ambulance cover through a private health fund, via a subscription through the state ambulance authority, Ambulance Victoria, or as part of your health insurance which you can compare with iSelect.

Ambulance fees in Victoria

In Victoria, the cost of road ambulance transport depends on whether the event is an emergency or non-emergency, the area it takes place (metropolitan or regional and rural), and the use of a stretcher or a clinic car service (for non-emergency transport). Ambulance Victoria is responsible for deciding the best way to transport a patient3.

Here are the fees involved for different types of ambulance services in Victoria (applicable from July 1st, 20183):

Emergency road transport fees:

Metropolitan Emergency Road $1,234
Regional and Rural Emergency Road $1,820

Non-emergency road transport fees:

  Stretcher Clinic car*
Metropolitan Emergency Road $333 $110
Regional and Rural Emergency Road $563 N/A

*Only available in Metropolitan Melbourne and selected regional and rural locations.

Treatment without transport

Metropolitan, Regional and Rural $532

Does Medicare cover ambulance fees in Victoria?

No, Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of ambulance services in Victoria or anywhere in Australia4.

Who is exempt from paying ambulance fees in Victoria?

Under the State Concession Scheme in Victoria, holders of a Pensioner Concession Card5 or a Healthcare Card6 are eligible for free clinically necessary ambulance transport services.

If you don’t hold one of these cards and would like to be covered for ambulance services, you’ll need to take out ambulance cover through a private health fund or a subscription with Ambulance Victoria.

ambulance cover victoria

Things to consider when purchasing ambulance cover in Victoria

As different policies will have different inclusions, it’s important you check exactly what’s covered by your policy, as well as any limitations or exclusions.

Here are some of the questions you may want to ask about your ambulance cover policy:

Am I covered for interstate travel?

Check whether you’re covered in any other states, or only for ambulance services within Victoria.

Am I covered for non-emergency situations?

Some policies only cover you for emergency situations. Check what your policy includes, as well as how it defines an “emergency”.

Does my policy cover call-out fees?

You might find your policy doesn’t cover ambulance call-out fees, i.e. if you receive treatment at the scene, but aren’t transported to hospital.

Am I covered for air ambulance and other transport?

See if your policy covers transport by other means, such as air ambulance and other state or private transport providers.

Are there any waiting periods on my policy?

Certain policies will have waiting periods before you can use your ambulance cover, so be sure to check how your policy works.

Do I need to make a co-payment towards the ambulance fee?

Find out whether your policy covers you for the full amount of your ambulance costs, or whether you need to make a part-payment towards this.

How do I purchase ambulance cover in Victoria?

If you’re looking to purchase ambulance cover included with private health insurance, it’s simple to compare providers using iSelect. We can help you find a policy that gives you the cover you need, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. To learn more about buying ambulance cover in Victoria as part of your health insurance, call us today on 13 19 20.

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