Ambulance Cover For Pensioners

In this article, we’ll look at how ambulance cover works for pensioners in different states, and how to find the best pensioners’ ambulance cover for you or a family member.
ambulance cover pensioners

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Did you know that pensioners living in Australia are entitled to free or reduced-rate ambulance cover1? In some states, pensioners are exempt from ambulance fees altogether, while in other states they can receive a discount on the cost of their ambulance cover.

How much does ambulance cover cost for pensioners?

If you’re a pensioner in Australia, the amount you’ll need to pay for ambulance cover will vary depending on which state you live in. You may not need to pay anything at all, or you may be eligible for a reduced rate on your cover.

Here’s how ambulance cover for pensioners works in each state and territory:

Ambulance Cover in ACT

In the Australian Capital Territory, holders of a Pensioner Concession or Health Care card are entitled to free emergency ambulance services across the state2. Holders of these cards can also access free emergency ambulance services in the following states: NSW, NT, TAS, and Victoria.

Ambulance Cover in NSW

If you live in New South Wales and are the holder of a Health Care Concession Card, Pensioner Concession Card, or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you’re entitled to free ambulance services3.

Ambulance Cover in NT

Pensioner Concession Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders residing in the Northern Territory are entitled to free ambulance transport services4.

Ambulance Cover in QLD

Ambulance costs for all Queensland residents are covered by the state government5. What’s more, ambulance cover in Queensland covers you for treatment anywhere in Australia.

Ambulance Cover in SA

In South Australia, holders of a Pensioner Concession card are entitled to a reduced rate on ambulance cover6, starting from $50 for a single pensioner.

Ambulance Cover in TAS

In most cases, for residents of Tasmania, the cost of ambulance services is covered by the state government7.

Ambulance Cover in VIC

Pensioner Concession Card and Health Care Card holders are entitled to free ambulance transport services in the state of Victoria8.

Ambulance Cover in WA

In Western Australia, residents aged 65 or over who receive a full Centrelink pension (aged pensioners) are entitled to free ambulance services9. Residents aged 65 or over who do not receive a Centrelink pension (senior citizens) are entitled to a 50% discount on standard ambulance fees9.

ambulance cover pensioners

My state doesn’t offer free ambulance cover – do I need to buy cover?

If you live in a state or territory that doesn’t provide free ambulance cover, you can purchase cover through your state ambulance authority, through a private health fund, or you can compare private health insurance policies with iSelect to find the right policy for your needs at the right price.

As ambulance costs can quickly add up, having ambulance cover can give you the peace of mind that you’re protected should the unexpected happen to you.

How can I find the right ambulance cover for pensioners?

Whether you’re a pensioner yourself or are looking for cover for an older family member, iSelect makes it easy to compare private health insurance providers and quickly find a policy that fits your needs.

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