Home Loan Repayment Calculator

It’s no secret that buying a property is a big financial commitment. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re comfortable with the ongoing repayments.

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We partnered with Lendi* to help you compare home loans from over 35 lenders and over 2,500 home loan products.

The best way to structure your home loan will depend on your personal circumstances and why you’re purchasing the property – that is, whether you plan to live there as your primary residence or rent it out as an investment property.

However, bear in mind that different loan options can potentially have a big impact on the ongoing repayments and overall cost of the loan. The term of the loan, whether you're on a fixed or variable rate, and the repayment type can all affect how much you'll be paying back each week, fortnight or month.

Use iSelect’s Home Loan Repayment  to see what your ongoing repayments might look like.

Calculate Your Repayments and See If You Could Save

How to use the Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Simply fill in:

  1. The amount you’re borrowing.
  2. The loan period.
  3. The loan type – variable, fixed or introductory.
  4. The interest rate.
  5. How often you make repayments – monthly, fortnightly or weekly.
  6. Your repayment type – principal and interest, or interest only.

How to read the results

The Home Loan Repayment Calculator will give you an indication of the ongoing repayments, as well as the total interest payable on the home loan.

One line on the graph indicates the principal remaining each year, and the other line includes interest charges to represent the total amount left to pay on the loan.

You can also see a yearly breakdown of this information, with a table showing the interest charged per annum, the principal remaining, and the total amount owing.

Our team at iSelect have partnered with Lendi*, so we can help you compare a range of different providers on the market. Use our online tool to compare home loans, or give Lendi a call on 1300 186 260 (08:30-18:30).