In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ActewAGL. So read on to find out what they can offer you, and how their years of experience in energy have led to hundreds of thousands of very happy customers.
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Who are ActewAGL?

ActewAGL is an electricity, gas and solar retailer who make their home in Canberra, where they’re kind of a big deal.

Today, they’re bringing great electricity rates to  happy Australian customers. On top of electricity, gas and solar, they also put a  lot of energy into supporting local community events and charities, so you know you’ll be going with a company that cares.

To stay on top of your game, you can’t simply keep on doing what you’ve always done. That’s why ActewAGL are obsessed with innovating their portfolio and are continually looking to the future. This attitude has seen them become recognised for being ahead of the curve in lots of different areas. In everything they do, they have a single aim: to deliver exactly what customers want, whether that’s solar power, battery storage or better ways to manage their energy.

Why choose ActewAGL?

While there are a lot of reasons to choose ActewAGL, here’s the lowdown. To guide everything they do, they have one simple mission: to offer their customers the safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions they want. That’s it. Some of the benefits that come with signing up with ActewAGL include:

Pay your way

Everyone prefers to run their finances to their own schedule so with ActewAGL, you can choose the payment option that works for you. They take payments via direct debit, BPay or online with a credit card. And because they understand that there can be times when anyone can struggle to pay a bill, they offer a Staying Connected program. This is personal support for times you need a hand getting back on track with managing and paying your energy bills.

Easily manage your account online

As long as you have your smartphone or laptop handy, you’ll have no trouble staying up-to-date with your account. With a couple of taps or swipes, you can control, view and pay your bills online with the ActewAGL self-service platform. And if you’re planning a move, you can organise a smooth, seamless transition and avoid waiting on-hold for what seems like hours to talk to a customer service associate!

Guarantees for your peace-of-mind

It’s an unavoidable fact of life: sometimes stuff just goes wrong. And when it does, all you want is to know that your energy provider is going to be there to offer the right support. ActewAGL can arrange for professionals to come out to you for all appliance repair and services, offering a guarantee on their services so you know the work will go the distance.

The ActewAGL guarantee includes:

  • Electrical work: 12 months on workmanship
  • Appliance installations: 12 months on workmanship
  • Gas appliance repairs*: 3 months on workmanship

*Excludes commercial settings

Electric vehicle charging network

When it comes to electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the ACT, ActewAGL is number one. In 2015, they installed a 50kw Rapid Charger, the first of its kind in the ACT, signalling ActewAGL’s launch into the electric vehicle charging network.

This network has grown to now include three rapid chargers and nine fast chargers installed across the ACT. The charging stations are publicly available and accessible for all electric vehicle makes and models. By developing this charging network, ActewAGL is playing its part in increasing the adoption of electric vehicles in the ACT as a sustainable solution to fossil fuel driven cars.

How do I read my meter?

You might be confused about how you can read your own electricity meter, especially with so many variations on the market. Meters and their boxes are designed to meet Australian safety standards but can deteriorate over time, so ensure yours hasn’t been damaged by water, animals, or time.

Knowing how to check your usage could help you monitor your energy consumption and better understand where charges are coming from. You might have any of the following electricity meters installed in your property:

  • Smart electricity meter: A smart meter tracks energy consumption in 30 minute intervals, and then remotely sends this information to your energy retailer.
  • Electronic electricity meter: Electronic meters record readings in a non-volatile electronic memory, meaning no data should be lost in the case of a power outage.
  • Time of use (TOU) electricity meter: A TOU electricity meter has a scroll rate of 5 second You can scroll through different screens with the press of a button.
  • Analogue electricity meter: An analogue, or clock face, meter gives a reading by combining 5 dials. Readings are carried out by checking the numbers from the left dial to the right dial.
  • Odometer electricity meter: Just like the odometer in your car, this meter is read from left to right. It displays the kilowatt hours of electricity consumed.

Where is ActewAGL available?

ActewAGL provides electricity and natural gas to the ACT, and ActewAGL Solar sells solar-powered solutions and battery storage to ACT and NSW. They’re also able to extend to areas including Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Yass, Young, Nowra and Bega.

How do I compare energy plans?

The good news is, you don’t have to; you can leave that to us. We’ll compare energy plans from our range of providers* to help find a plan that suits you. For more information about ActewAGL’s energy plans you can compare online or call us on 13 19 20.


Last updated: 16/11/2020