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  • Don’t lose your smile this festive season. Keep your home secure with these top tips!

Don’t lose your smile this festive season.

Keep your home secure with these top tips!
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The festive season is a great time to make an escape with the entire family in tow. Whether you’re planning a trip for a few weeks, a month or simply a weekend, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing break from the hectic pace of daily life.

For most of us this means leaving the family home completely unattended while we're on vacation. Yet the unfortunate reality is that your home is open to a home burglary. This means ensuring your home is secure while you are away is essential.

Enjoy greater peace of mind these holidays with our simple and cost-effective tips!

1. Keep up appearances

You may be on the trip of a lifetime but not everybody needs to know! The more people who are aware there's no one home, the more likely it is that the wrong person could find out.

Avoid making public announcements on social media beyond your close friendship groups and ask a trusted friend or neighbour to continue collecting any mail you receive for the duration of your holiday.

If you are away for an extended period of time consider asking your neighbours to park in your driveway on occasion, too. An obviously empty home can present the perfect target for opportunistic crime.

2. Make your home secure with a clever Nest Cam

Old school surveillance cameras can be frustrating. Constant issues from false alarms to forgetting to turn on the security system before leaving the house have caused many families to avoid installing any form of surveillance at all.

Nest Cam takes all this hassle away. The latest in home surveillance technology Nest Cam can be accessed from your phone no matter where you are. And say goodbye to false alarms - the super-smart Nest Cam will only alert you when an unexpected person enters your premises.

Easy to install, simply plug in your Nest Cam and download the app. Watch everything that happens in and around your home 24/7, straight from your phone.

Make your home a smart home with Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor and keep an eye on your house from afar these holidays. The perfect Christmas gift, Nest Cam is available through the iSelect store.

3. Do a double take

Right before you leave don't forget to check that all your doors, windows and outdoor living spaces are secure.

Minimise the potential of a break in by giving your property a final once-over before everyone bundles into the car. Plan ahead and allow yourself 10 minutes to check that all doors, windows and outdoor areas are locked and outdoor items are put away.

4. Secure your spare keys

Where would you hide your spare keys? Under the doormat, behind a flower pot? This may seem convenient yet thieves can be savvy and are likely to check even those spots you thought no one would ever look!

Keep your spare keys safe while you're away and consider leaving them in the hands of a trusted friend, relative or neighbour.

Don't lose your smile this festive season. Keep your home secure with these top tips!

5. Ensure your home and contents policy is up-to-date

Home and contents insurance provides you with cover for damage to your property or its contents. This includes theft as well as the cost of any repairs required as a result of a break-in.

Before you go away, check your home and contents insurance policy to ensure you have the right cover - at the right price - to match your needs. Or let us do it for you. Get a quote today, discover the right insurance policy for your home and enjoy your homecoming as much as your holiday!