Toby Hagon

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Toby Hagon is a writer, editor and author with decades of experience covering cars and the automotive industry. He has a knack for stripping away the jargon and marketing hype and distilling it into information car owners need and can easily digest. 

Toby’s passion for cars began when he was a toddler and has grown along with his love of writing. His university studies included courses specialising in science and electronics, something that has positioned him well for the boom in electric vehicles. 

If it’s on four wheels, Toby has probably driven it. From the latest supercars to rock-hopping off-roaders (or anything in between!) he loves a road trip and works on the thinking that no road is too long or windy. While most of those trips have been with diesel and unleaded, he’s also an EV convert who loves the innovation and pace of change within the automotive space – and sees the enormous potential for cars powered by electrons.