How To Compare Electricity In Melbourne

Melburnians live in one of the lucky states where electricity prices aren’t state regulated. This is great as it means you’re able to compare electricity plans, and potentially find a better deal.
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In 2002, Full Retail Contestability gave all Victorian residents the right to choose their own gas and electricity provider1. This means that you now have the option of switching providers to buy your electricity; or you can remain on the same tariff. By 2009, the market was deemed competitive enough to restrain prices without strict regulation and full retail deregulation occurred but what does this mean for you, as a consumer of Melbourne electricity? Well, it means electricity providers compete to give you, the energy consumer, the cheapest electricity prices.

Keep reading to learn more about electricity in Melbourne, and some of the things you may want to consider when comparing plans and providers.

What's the difference between an electricity distributor and an electricity provider?

Your distributor distributes the power to your home. Each Melbourne, Victoria area has their own power distributor2. You cannot switch distributors, only providers. The distributors manage the power lines and other infrastructure, and they send the gas and electricity to your home. Your electricity provider handles sales, billing, and servicing of your energy plan. They are the ones who service and bill your electricity connection via the distributor.

Normally, you never need to contact your power distributor. However their contact information will be listed on your bill should you need to contact them in the event of an emergency or power outage. But generally speaking, your electricity provider deals with them on your behalf. So to keep this guide simple, we'll ignore the distributors and focus on the providers.

Why consider switching electricity providers?

Gas and electricity providers change their prices constantly and frequently bring out new deals. What they don't always do is automatically move their customers to these new deals.

Consider the following when you’re looking to change providers or consider your options: are you moving house? Are you looking for a better deal? Are you looking to move to Solar electricity? Are you looking for another type of more sustainable energy? Or are you just interested in receiving better customer service?

iSelect is here to make the process of comparing and switching electricity plans from our range of providers* as easy as possible.

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How do you change electricity providers?

The provider does all the legwork for you. Your new electricity provider will contact your existing provider and let them know you're switching. You'll receive a date for the switch either via email or post and it's as simple as that. You can join a new provider by comparing energy plans online from our range of providers* with iSelect, or over the telephone by calling us on 13 19 20.

It’s as straightforward as filling in a short form with your name, address and few small details about your family and typical electricity usage. These details help the new electricity provider give you the right price and establish your account.

How to find a suitable electricity plan for you

There are many ways to find better prices, every provider must produce a fact sheet to break down each of the deals they offer3. You could talk to door-knocking salespeople to gathering online quotes from each individual electricity provider, but the easiest way is to use iSelect to compare electricity plans from our range of providers*.

If you’re ever in need of understanding your tariff and fees before you think of making the move, feel free to give us a call on 13 19 20. We’d be happy to break down any of the complicated jargon and pricing structures for you.

What if I've already changed providers and my electricity bills are still too high?

There are many ways to reduce your energy bill from switching to energy saving light bulbs to skipping the tumble dryer and drying your washing outdoors. Most of the big electricity providers offer help in reducing energy costs. Some handy tips4 include:

  • Make sure your fridge is set between 3-5 degrees, and your freezer at -15
  • Try to only cool the rooms you use in summer, and heat the rooms you use in winter
  • Insulating your roof and keep heating and cooling costs down
  • Turn appliances you’re not using off at the power point, as some may still be using energy while on standby

Compare from our range of electricity today with iSelect

With iSelect you can compare energy plans on offer from our range of providers* online.  If you prefer, you can always speak to one of our trained consultants on 13 19 20.