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We know it can be difficult to wrap your head around all the different energy plans and providers out there. But to help you along, we’ve created this guide to comparing energy providers.
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Energy providers are the companies who service gas and electricity to homes and businesses across Australia. And each year, they can change their rates, which generally occur in July for QLD, NSW, ACT, and SA, and in January for VIC. Amendments to charges are mostly due to a growth in consumer demand; networks are having to cope with larger house sizes and a growing use of appliances, such as air-conditioning.

In order to meet demands, new infrastructure needs to be built and networks need to be able to cope. Unfortunately, these costs have to be passed to the consumer.

What should I consider when comparing providers?

To ensure you’re getting a plan tailored to your energy and gas requirements, it’s a good idea to compare energy providers . You can start by checking available plans from iSelect’s range of providers, such as AGL and EnergyAustralia.* The plan you select depends on a number of factors and while price is important, there are other things you might want to consider too.

  • Are you locked into a contract? Being on a fixed-rate contract means your energy rates are set for that period of time. This can make it easier to budget and avoid any surprise bills. The flip side is that if energy rates fall, you’re stuck with the ones you signed up for. So if both of those approaches sound a little too inflexible, a no-lock-in energy deal gives you the freedom to switch whenever you like. There’s no silver bullet here, just options, so have a think about whether stability or flexibility best suit your situation.
  • Your daily supply and usage charge. This might come as news, but some parts of your bill are actually completely out of your control. Different energy suppliers charge different amounts to simply connect and supply you with energy. These charges, like maintenance and network fees, can make up to a lot of your energy bill. So always make sure to investigate this component of your bill, not just your cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh).
  • Customer feedback. What’s the word of mouth about this energy provider? Check out any reviews you can find online or even see who’s won any awards for customer service.
  • GreenPower option. Many energy providers now give you the option to dedicate a percentage of your energy use to green power.

What questions should I ask prospective energy providers?

When you’re thinking of switching energy plans or providers, it pays to be well-informed. Asking prospective providers the right questions ensures you have the full picture when comparing plans. Here’s seven key questions we recommend asking:

How long is my contract?

Pretty straightforward one here. Long term contracts can offer a better rate, but you’re locking yourself in.

Can you provide monitoring solutions?

Some energy providers offer tools and tips to help you keep your usage down. This can be super helpful if available.

What are my rights and responsibilities as an energy customer?

It’s important to thoroughly read the terms and conditions before entering into any contract. By law, energy retailers have to provide you with a contract that clearly states this information. It should contain a fact sheet discussing all charges, exit fees and other penalties, the duration of the contract, payment information, and other vital components of the contract. At iSelect we can help you review the details of a plan, to assist you in finding an energy plan which suits you.

How can I take control of my energy bills?

The Australian Government recognises the difficulties faced by the average households, so it has implemented changes to bring reliable, affordable energy to Australia that will benefit consumers on a long-term basis .

Of course, you have to do your bit to keep energy usage to a minimum for the sake of the planet as well as your hip pocket. You can achieve this by making small changes to the way you consume gas and electricity every day. Approximately 40% of energy consumed in Australia goes on heating and cooling, 25% goes on hot water, up to 30% is used to power appliances and 8-15% goes on lighting. To break it down, there’s three easy steps to help you start saving:

  1. Get informed. Do your research. Know what your usage is, and what you can do to reduce it, but also be aware of your rates in comparison to the market. You might be surprised to find a much better deal is just sitting there waiting.
  2. Get organised. Once you understand your bill, identify where you can start setting up your home more efficiently.
  3. Get moving. Here’s where we can really help. Let us compare plans from our range of energy providers by calling our team on 13 19 20*.

We can, of course, keep our bills lower by focusing on all four outgoings.

1. Heating and cooling

For every degree you increase heating, you’re using 10% more energy Find other ways to control your climate, like shutting off rooms that aren’t in use, applying seals to prevent draughts, and insulating walls and windows.

2. Hot water

By installing an energy-efficient showerhead and hot water system, and turning off your storage system when you’re away from home for longer than a week, you could see significant savings on your energy bills.

3. Appliances

Newer, energy-efficient appliances may have a higher up-front expense, but are more cost-effective to run. Appliances use power even in standby mode, and appliances that aren’t in use make up as much as 3% of energy consumed. Try switching them off at the power point.

4. Lighting

Switch to LED lights and natural lighting where possible and ensure every family member gets in the habit of turning off lights in any room not being used.

Compare energy providers with iSelect*

At iSelect we make it easy to compare energy plans from our range of providers.* With access to some of Australia’s most respected retailers, we make it quick and painless to switch providers and ensure you’re getting a good deal. Our service costs you nothing, so call our team on 13 19 20 today.

Last updated: 08/02/2022