NBN in Western Australia

With just over 2.5 million residents, Western Australia is the 4th most populous state in Australia. As the population continues to increase Australia wide, more and more residents are relying on a fast and stable internet connection.

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About the nbn and how it works in WA? 

The nbn’s main objective was to create a National Broadband Network (NBN) that would be faster and more stable for Australians now and as we grow in population in the future.1 This project required an overhaul of the entire country’s existing copper infrastructure as it was approaching end of life. Fibre optic cabling was used to replace most copper cabling with the intention of leveraging newer tech to revitalise old connection forms such as satellite.1

FTTN uses centralized fibre nodes to extend fibre optic cables around Australia. These fibre optic cables are then used to connect you to the nbn!

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP): Fibre To The Premises, is thought to be the fastest fixed line NBN tech available. It pretty much works exactly how it sounds. Fibre optic cables connect straight into the premises. FTTP isn't widely accessible and is dependent on the location of your premises.

Fibre To The Building (FTTB): Like FTTN, Fibre To The Building uses both fibre optic nodes and cables to connect you to the nbn. Unlike FTTN, the fibre optic nodes are located inside the premises.  FTTB is often used in apartment buildings or offices.

Fibre To The Curb (FTTC): Fibre to the Curb is easy to understand as it works exactly how it sounds. FTTC connects fibre optic cables to the curb on your street, which known as a Distribution Point Unit (DPU). The DPU then connects to your existing copper network providing you with nbn.

Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC): HFC utilises your existing cable network to link your home to its closest NBN node. This is one of the better NBN connection types as it delivers fast speeds using a local node straight to your home.

Fixed Wireless: Fixed Wireless connections occur via an antenna that is installed on your property. This antenna connects to a fixed wireless tower proving your premises with nbn. Fixed Wireless is frequently slower than wired-based nbn connections.

Sky Muster (Satellite): Sky Muster uses satellites to connect regional and remote areas in Australia. Sky Muster is the slowest form of nbn connection due to its satellite dish technology.

How can you find your best nbn plan in Perth and WA?

Really, there is no “Best” NBN plan. The creation of the nbn has increased Western Australia’s broadband speed options. Depending on your premises form of nbn, you may notice occasional impacts to the strength of your connection. The distance of the fibre node to your property can signal the speed you can expect from your connection. When it comes to the nbn you still have a choice on your speed.

There are six speed options to choose from:

Home Basic I:  Generally suitable for the super simple Western Australian. This plan can allow you to make phone calls and send emails… that's about it.

Home Basic II: There's a little bit more on offer with Home Basic II. Generally suiting a two-person household you can surf the web, stream your favourite content, send emails and make calls.

Home Standard: If you are a big family or larger in household in WA this may be a good go to. Home Standard generally lets you stream HD videos, download content, and work all at the same time.

Home Fast: Home Fast is generally a good option for the busy Perth or Western Australian household who has many users and devices. Providing a robust internet connection, Home Fast is a multitaskers dream. Stream, work, and study using many devices with ease.

Home Superfast: Everything the Home Fast does but even better. This second fastest tier is generally great for larger families in WA who want to use their devices simultaneously. Expect faster streaming, gaming, and downloads with this option.

Home Ultrafast: Ultrafast is the top tier nbn plan around. Forget lagging and buffering, Home Ultrafast will generally give you the fastest NBN internet experience. If you're a bit of a tech nerd, look no further Western Australians, Home Ultrafast is for you.

The final factors to consider when it comes to NBN speeds are:

  • Your modem or cabling
  • Your service provider and their management of their own network
  • Signal quality
  • Equipment used on the premises
  • Where you store your modem

Now that I know the nbn speed I want, how do I get connected in WA?

Each form of nbn can be set up in different ways (See Sky Muster connection), but regardless of the form, connecting your premises to the nbn is an easy process. Once you're ready to connect, nbn Co will send you a free connection device. Then, choose your desired nbn speed, provider, and plan. Finally, your internet service provider will likely provide you with a router.

Please make sure you follow the connection instructions you get from your provider. This will usually include that when you have all equipment, you will need to connect the nbn connection device to a power outlet. Then connect your nbn device to a telephone socket and to your router using an ethernet cable. Once you plug your router into a power outlet, you should be able to connect your devices to your new NBN connection. 

How do I find a good deal on my nbn plan in Western Australia?

Whether you live in Perth, Mandurah, Geraldton, Rockingham, or elsewhere in WA you are probably looking for your own  nbn plan or provider. Our trained team here at iSelect can help you compare* a range of nbn plans and providers in Perth and WA. Get started comparing online today or call our friendly team on 13 19 20.