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The annual health insurance rate rise usually occurs on April 1, but in 2020 it's planned for October 1. Keep reading to learn more about this year's rate rise, and how your policy could be affected.
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The 2020 rate rise in a nutshell:

  • Health insurance premiums usually rise once a year on April 1
  • In 2020 the annual rate rise was postponed from April to October due to COVID-19
  • Not all health insurers have decided to increase their premiums
  • At this stage, the April 2021 rate rise is scheduled to go ahead as planned (just six months after the 2020 rate rise)

Information from health funds:

  • HBF: Have completely postponed any rate rise for their members until 2021
  • Bupa: Announced in August they are postponing the rate rise for any existing member who is receiving (or their partner is receiving) the government’s JobKeeper or JobSeeker payments
  • NIB: Announced in August that they are waiving 2020 premium increases for members with hospital cover who are currently on JobSeeker or JobKeeper. NIB also waived their yearly premium increase for their Extras Cover policies.
  • TUH: Have pushed their premiums increase to April 2021
  • Have deferred their 2020 premium increases

What does this mean for you?

  • Depending on your health fund and policy, your health insurance premiums could go up on October 1
  • Switching policies before October 1 could help you avoid paying a higher monthly premium if you are impacted by the planned rate rise
  • Remember: When comparing policies, it's important to consider both coverage and price
  • Still have questions? Check out our FAQ below, or feel free to call our friendly team on 13 19 20
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Last Updated: 31/08/2020

Your health insurance rate rise questions answered

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Don’t premiums usually increase in April? Why is the plan for them to go up in October this year?

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How much are premiums increasing by on October 1st?

How do I know how much my policy is going up? Will my fund tell me?

What can I do before October 1st 2020 to stop my premiums increasing?

I’m struggling to justify the cost of private cover right now. Should I just cancel altogether?

Is switching really worth the effort?

If I switch to another fund or policy, will I have to re-serve waiting periods?

COVID-19 health fund measures

Private Healthcare Australia have announced measures to relieve pressure on consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic including:

Postponing health funds premium increases

October 1 premium increase

The average cost of Health Insurance Premiums is set to rise from October 1, however some funds will continue to freeze premium increases until April 2021 to relieve financial pressure on consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Full hospital coverage for all policies

Full hospital cover for COVID-19

What level of hospital cover do I need to be covered for COVID 19? You will be covered (subject to any waiting periods) regardless of what level of hospital cover you have.
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Telehealth services from psychologist and physiotherapist


If your policy covers psychology and physiotherapy, you will now be covered for these telehealth services from March 30.