A lot of people think energy is energy, but there’s actually a lot more to it than you think, especially when it comes to choosing a provider. This article deep-dives into EnergyAustralia.
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Who are EnergyAustralia?

EnergyAustralia are one of the leading electricity and gas suppliers in Australia. They’ve got over 1.7 million customers. So it’s safe to say you might know someone who uses them. And they’re owned by someone even older; CLP Group, one of the oldest and biggest integrated power businesses in Asia Pacific.

Who gets their energy from EnergyAustralia?

EnergyAustralia supplies electricity and gas to residential (aka. the average Joe), commercial and industrial businesses. So, pretty much everyone.

Where are EnergyAustralia based?

Short answer, Eastern Australia. But if you take a look at the map below you can get a more thorough idea. They have two large coal-fired power stations, one in Victoria, the other in New South Wales, as well as Australia’s most thermally-efficient gas-fired plant under their belt.

What types of energy do EnergyAustralia supply?

Their energy portfolio has a mixture of more traditional resources, like coal and gas, as well as newer sources like wind, solar and batteries. One of the good things about going with EnergyAustralia is that you can choose a mixture.

What if I want to use green energy?

You can! It’s called PureEnergy. PureEnergy comes from government accredited renewable sources, such as wind, hydro, solar and biomass. All the good stuff. So it produces no greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing PureEnergy you can make a difference to the environment. When you sign up, or even if you’re an existing customer, you can choose the amount of green energy you’d like to buy. Every little bit helps.

What is EnergyAustralia contributing towards Renewable Energy?

Sadly, Santa isn’t the only one who relies heavily on coal. Almost everyone in Australia does when they turn on their lights. But there are a handful of companies out there trying to change that. Including EnergyAustralia.

EnergyAustralia’s long-term renewable agreements are worth $3 billion and underpin 11% of the wind and solar projects in the National Electricity Market. That’s enough to meet the needs of 320,000 homes a year. They’re also constantly coming up with new approaches to supply cleaner energy (a far better christmas present), like:

  • Energy recovery project at Mt Piper power station in NSW
  • Pumped hydro storage opportunities
  • Batteries
  • “Smart” energy efficient systems
  • Demand response

What does “Go Neutral” mean?

Carbon emissions are created when you use electricity and gas in your home. That’s a scary amount of pollution, when you think about all the homes across Australia doing the same thing. EnergyAustralia went through the same thought process and came up with an initiative to help revert the negative impact this has on the environment. It’s called “Go Neutral”.

Sign up to EnergyAustralia, go neutral and they’ll offset the carbon emissions associated with your home’s energy use. And they’ll do it for free! So you can sit back, relax and watch the TV knowing you’re using 100% carbon neutral energy. So far Go Neutral has offset more than 1.1 million tonnes of carbon emissions since 2016. That’s like taking 346,000 cars off the road for a year.

What options are there for larger businesses?

The energy needs of larger businesses work a little bit differently. That’s why EnergyAustralia offer tailored solutions. For example, if you’ve got 10 sites or more, they can provide account management and consolidated billing.

Moving house?

Aggghhh...that feeling when you first move into your new home, you go to turn on the lights and nothing happens. You have no energy or gas. Dammit. Thankfully, iSelect makes it super easy to set up your energy plan in three steps:

  1. Choose your plan
  2. Tell them when and where you’re moving
  3. Sign up your account

Organise it before your move, or if you forget like most of us, do it on the day.. If you’re already a customer, you can sign into your account and select “Moving Home” then “Move my service”. And you’re all set.

How can I save on my energy bill?

Here are 4 easy and free ways you could reduce your energy bill:

  1. Hot water: you’d be shocked at how much hot water can increase your bill. Try washing your clothes in cold water and only wash full loads.
  2. Climate Control: every extra degree you bump up your heater in winter or your air-con in summer can increase your energy usage by 5-10%. So try to keep your thermostats on an average temperature and close all your internal doors to keep the air in.
  3. Window Watch: up to 40% of the heat in your home could be escaping through your windows. In the winter, open up your curtains to let the sun in and in the summer, close your curtains during the hottest part of the day. This sounds pretty basic, but it works!
  4. Compare your bills: a lot of Aussies are paying way too much on their energy bills! Make sure you regularly review your energy plan. A great way to do this is through us! Just call 13 19 20 and someone from our team can do the comparing bit for you.

How do I compare energy companies?

With us! We’ll compare EnergyAustralia from our range of providers, so you can find the plan that’s suitable for you. Just call 13 19 20.

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Last updated: 4/11/2020