First Home Buyer Grant Concessions & Incentives

This article will give first home buyers the low-down on what Stamp Duty is and what concessions you might qualify for, like the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). Read on to see if you’re eligible.

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First off, what is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is known by a few different names around Australia. In Tassie, it’s often called ‘Duty’ or Property Transfer Duty. It’s also known as Transfer of Land Duty in some states.

Whatever it’s called, it’s a form of tax you pay when you buy property or land. Generally, the more you pay for the property, the more Stamp Duty you’ll pay.

Stamp Duty is calculated a bit differently depending on which state or territory you’re buying in. But no matter where you live, you’ll pay the Stamp Duty to the state or territory in which you’re buying your land or property, unless you’re eligible for an exemption or concession.

It’s a one-off tax for each purchase and is generally paid shortly after settling your property. Like other taxes, the money collected from Stamp Duty usually goes towards funding things like the state’s infrastructure or services.

What is a First Home Owner Grant?

Most state and territory governments provide a level of support for eligible people buying their first home with a First Home Owner Grant. Some offer a grant as well as a concession on Stamp Duty. As you’d imagine, the eligibility criteria and the concession itself vary from state to state. Concessions can also vary from year to year. You’ll find links to your state government below for more detailed information.

Who’s eligible for the First Home Owner Grant?

As mentioned above, qualifying for the FHOG or a Stamp Duty Concession, varies depending on where you live. However, some conditions are the same around Australia, as a rule:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, aged 18 years or over.
  • It must be the first home you’ve owned in Australia.
  • In post cases, you must live in the property as your main home for a minimum of six months continuously (in some cases 12 months).
  • You, or any joint mortgage holder, must not have previously claimed the FHOG.

This table summarises what’s available for eligible first home buyers in each state or territory. Actual figures may vary over time, and eligibility criteria differs, so make sure you click the links for more detailed information and eligibility status. Information was last updated October 2021.



$10,000 FHOG for new home or land valued at less than $600,000.

(Combined house/land value not to exceed $750,000)

Exemption for first-time buyers where new home is less than $800,000 or existing home is less than $650,000.

Other concessions for higher valued homes, and vacant land. Check link below


new dwellings worth up to $750,000

Exemption for first home buyers of homes up to $600,000.

Concession for homes valued between 600,001 and $750,000


$15,000 FHOG on existing homes worth less than $750,000

Exemptions available for homes up to $550,000 or vacant land up to $400,000


Up to $15,000 towards buying or building a new home worth up to $575,000

No first home buyer exemption,


$10,000 FHOG for buyers of homes worth up to $750,000, or up to $1,000,000 if North of the 26th parallel.

Exemptions and concessions available for homes valued below $530,000 or land worth less than $400,000


$30,000 FHOG for purchasing or building a new home

Up to 50% discount on Stamp Duty for properties worth $500,000 or less.


$10,000 FHOG for eligible buyers, no property value limit.

 No longer applicable. For more information please click here to view the NT state government website.


FHOG replaced by HOME BUYER CONCESSION SCHEME’ gives Stamp Duty relief to eligible applicants


Other eligibility factors that may apply

Some other factors that could influence your eligibility, depending on where you live, include but are not limited to:

  • Some States have an income threshold above which you won’t be eligible.
  • Are you buying an existing or new-build home off-the-plan?
  • Are you buying land to build on?
  • Are you a joint mortgagee with someone who’s had the First Home Owner Grant before?
  • Are you buying in a metropolitan or regional area?
  • Is your new property below a certain value?

Check your home state for Stamp Duty and First Home Owners eligibility.

The following government pages will give you details, check carefully. Some pages have calculators which will help you work out if you’re eligible for a grant or concession.

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Last updated: 15/11/2021