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Building Insurance

No one enjoys worrying about something happening to their hard-earned possessions, especially when it comes to our property and its vulnerability to random events. Learn more about finding great value Building Insurance with iSelect.

How necessary is Building Insurance?

Building Insurance may be considered by homeowners if they require a certain level of peace of mind or protection when it comes to potential insured and hazardous events. It may also be required by home lenders with consideration to home loan approvals.

What does Building Insurance typically not cover?

Wear and tear and accidental damage

General wear and tear and accidental damage, although unintentional, is usually not covered under a Building Insurance policy.

Animal Damage

Dogs, cats and pets of all shapes and sizes can enrich our lives in the best ways, but unfortunately the damage they may cause to a home is rarely covered by Building Insurance.

Weather damage

While weather damage could often be the main reason to seek Building Insurance, it is important to note that not all policies will provide you cover for certain weather events such as storms or total flood cover.

Unoccupied homes

If a home has been left empty for an extended period of time than it may be excluded from certain types of Home Building Insurance cover.

Existing Damage

In the circumstance of existing damage a Building Insurance policy is unlikely to cover you for retrospective repairs of rebuilds.

Holiday rentals and guest accommodation

If a person were to use their home to provide holiday rentals or guest accommodation, they may not be covered by their Building Insurance for certain events.

Renovation occurrences

uilding Insurance policies often won’t cover damage caused by renovation activities. If a building owners’ renovation is sizable then it could be worth alerting the insurer to discuss renovation intent and the impact it may have on a Building Insurance policy.

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