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Paying your bill on time every month and feeling like you’re not getting anything back? Maybe you’re concerned about the impact your carbon emissions are having on the environment? Whatever the case may be, AGL may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

As the largest ASX-listed company in Australia that are invested in renewable energy generation, they care about the planet as much as you1. They’re also focused on rewarding customers for the efforts they make to pay their bills on time and contribute to sustainability.

Who are AGL?

Established over 180 years ago and operating the largest electricity generation portfolio in Australia, AGL are a household name across the country. They manage over 3.6 million customer accounts1, and focus on providing sustainable, secure and affordable energy for their customers.

Involved in the community, they have partnerships and sponsorships with a variety of different clubs and services2, including sporting teams, zoos, festivals, and more. This highlights their passion for contributing to a sustainable future for everyone.

AGL offer four key promises to their customers:

  • Quality service
  • Value for money
  • Understanding and meeting your needs
  • Having the answers when you need them

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What are the benefits of choosing AGL as your provider?

As a customer, there are a variety of benefits when choosing AGL as your energy supplier. Not only are they a well-known, reliable brand, they provide the following options:

New technology:

With advanced technology, AGL make accessing your information simple. You can view your account online, pay your invoices, change plans – even move to a new house. They also offer an AGL Energy App that allows you to check usage, set alerts, and more.

Choose the way you pay:

AGL understand every customer is different and therefore provide a range of payment options to suit your lifestyle. These include3:

  • PayPal
  • SMS Pay
  • Direct debit
  • Bank payment
  • BPAY
  • Australia Post
  • Centrepay

Bill smoothing:

Worried about your energy bill each quarter? With AGL, you don’t have to. By taking advantage of AGL Bill Smoothing3, you can spread your energy costs across monthly, fortnightly, or weekly instalments.


AGL know how to encourage customer loyalty – by offering exclusive rewards and discounts. Not only are they a Flybuys partner4, they have a wide range of other discounts available, too. Plus, the longer you keep them as your energy provider, the better the rewards get!

AGL values: future focused

AGL is paving the way forward when it comes to creating a sustainable future for not only their customers, but Australians in general. Discover some of the key sustainable values they uphold.


As the largest ASX-listed investor in renewable energy generation in the country, AGL are committed to helping shape a sustainable energy future for Australia5. They have been developing and investing in renewable and near-zero emission technologies, with renewable sources being a key component of AGL’s generation capacity (power stations owned, operated or otherwise controlled by AGL).

Not only do they have solar and wind farms as their primary sources of renewable generation, they also operate a number of landfill gas, biogas, and hydroelectric schemes5.

Battery power:

The future is battery powered, and AGL is leading the charge. They’ve already made big investments in this technology, and are in the process of building one of Australia’s largest virtual power plants, with 1,000 residential batteries6. They’re also operating the country’s first certified indoor battery connected to the energy grid.

Future forests:

Even with the transition into cleaner energy, carbon emissions remain a reality. That’s why AGL offer an opt-in program for customers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their household energy usage7.

Where is AGL available?

AGL Energy is available through iSelect in the following states:

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