Private Health Gym Rebates

Rebates for keeping fit!

Looking for a policy that will rebate your Gym membership? iSelect can help you find a policy that will refund you up to $150 per year on keep fit schemes!

You can get rebates for:

  1. Gym membership
  2. Swimming classes
  3. Exercise classes - as long as what you join is a membership, not just a once-off class.

You pay the first $50 and the Health Fund will rebate you the rest**

To put this into practical terms:

Gym Membership: $ 135
Health Fund Pays: $ 75
You Pay: $ 60
You Save: $ 75

In this scenario you pay under half price for a gym membership!

Start searching for a fund that will rebate your gym membership/fitness program.

Call a health insurance consultant now on 13 19 20 or search the website and select “lifestyle benefits” as most important to you.

**(up to their limits $75 per 6 months - Speak to a consultant on 13 19 20 for more details).

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