17th May, 2017 | 4 minutes
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Confusion widespread amongst Aussies yet to connect to the NBN

by Laura Crowden
iSelect Corporate Affairs Manager

Just 42 per cent of people know how to connect to the NBN when it comes to their area.

We released some research this week revealed that three out of four (74 per cent) Australian households who are yet to connect to the NBN say they don’t know enough about how to transition to the service.

The Galaxy Research study, commissioned by iSelect to assess the attitudes of Australian households towards the NBN[1], found that almost a quarter of Australians who are yet to connect to the NBN say they “have no idea about any of it.”

According to the survey, just 29 per cent of Australian households are currently connected to the NBN with 62 per cent using ADSL2+, cable or wireless broadband.

Laura Crowden, spokesperson for iSelect, said this data suggests an alarming level of confusion amongst the majority of Australian households who are still waiting for the NBN to arrive in their town or suburb.

“This research suggests that over 6 million Australian household decision makers have knowledge gaps when it comes to the NBN, 30 per cent of whom don’t know when it will become available.”

“It is important for Australians to address this lack of knowledge because once the NBN becomes available in their area, switching over is mandatory,” said Laura.

After a household is notified that it can switch to the NBN, they have 18 months to move their services to the new network before the existing network is switched off.

With just 42 per cent of those households that are not yet connected to the NBN understanding how to connect to it when it becomes available in their area, many households will need to educate themselves quickly on the service or risk being disconnected.

“While NBN Co. is responsible for building and delivering the NBN across Australia, it’s vital people understand that you can’t actually buy a plan through them. Plans are available through the many internet providers currently selling NBN services.”

Australians also need to factor new NBN costs into their household budget, with over 3 million households unsure of whether the NBN will cost more or less than their current connection.

With different speed and data options available, it’s important people take to the time to weigh-up their preferred speed and data allowances against their lifestyle and budget.

“There is a lot of complexity and confusion around the NBN at the moment. As such we recommend Aussies who are looking to make the switch speak with an NBN expert when the service becomes available in their area.”

“They will be able to condense all the technical information into everyday language and provide a personalised recommendation that fits your budget, speed requirements and data needs,” said Laura.

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[1] In April 2017 iSelect commissioned a nationally representative consumer research study with Galaxy Research to assess the attitudes of over 1,100 Australians household decision makers towards the NBN 


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