Singles Health Insurance

If you’re young and healthy your main health concern may be accidents or emergencies – and in these cases your chances of a significant wait for hospital treatment may be low.

However you also need to consider the cost of ongoing treatment should you become ill, your need for dental, optical or other ancillary services, and the tax implications of not being covered.

Choosing the right Singles Health Cover is an investment in peace of mind – knowing it gives you access to high quality medical services when and where you need them, and helping to ease your financial burden. If you have private health insurance you are covered against some or all of the costs of being a private patient in either a public or private hospital.

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There are many different private health insurance policies to choose from. These policies will cover either some or all of the cost of your hospital care and allow you to choose your own doctor or specialist. As a privately insured patient you may insure against some or all of the costs of health services not covered by Medicare, such as:

  • Hospital expenses (theatre fees or accommodation) as a private patient in either a public or private hospital
  • Dental treatment, Chiropractic treatment, Home nursing, Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy, Occupational, Speech and Eye therapy
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Prosthesis and other ancillary services

Being insured gives you confidence, knowing that you’ll have access to medical services and potentially higher quality health care, if and when it’s needed.

Younger singles should look for hospital cover with a number of excluded procedures. They could cut hospital cover costs even more by taking a higher excess or making co-payments. If you’re into sports look for good quality ancillaries that may include physiotherapy.