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Quick guide to credit card types and features

Quick guide to credit card types and features

Balance transfer

Cards with a balance transfer allow you to transfer your existing balance from one or multiple cards to a new card with a lower, or even no, interest rate that applies during an initial set period. Fees and other terms and conditions vary depending on the offer. Great for paying your debt off faster.

Rewards credit cards

Cards that offer perks for spending. Great for those who pay the balance each month & will actually use the benefits. Rewards can include cash back, frequent flyer points, concierge services and more.

Low interest credit cards

Cards with a lower standard interest rate on purchases can help you reduce the amount of interest on your account if you don't pay the balance every month. For example, a low interest card could offer a purchase interest rate of 12%p.a. compared to cards with rates sitting around 19%p.a. or even more.

0% Interest credit cards

A card with a balance transfer offer as well as an initial interest free period where for a fixed period you won't pay interest on new purchases or the balance you've transferred to your new card. Ideal for paying off existing debt or new purchases quicker.

Low or no annual fee credit cards

A card with a low or no annual fee is a good option if you want a backup card for emergencies. If you never use it, a no annual fee card won't cost you anything to keep it in your wallet.

Gold and platinum credit cards

The most comprehensive types of rewards card. They typically offer more benefits, but may charge higher fees or come with minimum spend requirements.

Concierge services

This is access to a phone service that assists with lifestyle services. Think of the things a P.A. would do such as referring & booking restaurants, arranging appointments or even sourcing gifts. Typically attached to gold & platinum cards.

Travel insurance

Some cards offer complimentary travel insurance. Often you need to use the card to pay for all or a percentage of your trip to be eligible. However conditions and eligibility criteria will vary by product so it's important to read the product detail.

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How you can compare credit cards with iSelect

How you can compare credit cards with iSelect

Step 1. Get acquainted

Provide a few details about yourself and the type of credit card you're looking for.

How you can compare credit cards with iSelect

Step 2. Understand your options

We allow you to compare our range of credit card providers and plans* and filter your options based on what's important to you.

How you can compare credit cards with iSelect

Step 3. Get sorted

Knowing you're making an informed choice, you can apply through your selected provider.

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