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We are a licensed provider of credit services under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. This document provides you with information about us, our licensee with whom you are dealing and the services we provide.

We have been authorised as Credit Representatives by Qed Credit Services Pty Ltd to “act as an intermediary”

Representative’s business name Fair Comparison Pty Ltd ABN 48 647 552 958
Representative’s address Suite 1 Level 2, 3 Carlingford Road, Epping, NSW.
Representative’s phone number (0) 2 8077 8011
Representative’s email address [email protected]
Credit Representative number 530417

Our Licensee’s details are as follows:

Licensee’s business name Qed Credit Services Pty Ltd ABN 147272295
Licensee’s address 31 Ardentallen Rd, Enoggera QLD 4051, Australia
Licensee’s phone number 1300 817 662 option 3
Licensee’s email address [email protected]
Licence number 387856

Our role as an intermediary

When you use our services, we will collect basic information about you and present a range of different products. Whenever we refer you to the provider of credit services such as a lender or mortgage broker, this is known as “acting as an intermediary”

When we make this referral, we may share some basic information about you with the other party, to help them understand how they can provide their services to you.

Our authorisation does not allow us to provide you with “Credit Assistance”. By presenting you with information for the purpose of comparing different loan products, we are not suggesting whether you apply for a new credit contract, increase your credit limit, or that you remain with your existing credit product. Any services provided by the other businesses that we refer you to are not provided by our business.

What products do we provide credit services in relation to?

Whilst we provide advice and refer clients to many kinds of services, we are “acting as an intermediary” whenever we provide you with information in relation to credit products such as credit cards, personal loans, car loans or home loans.

Whilst we endeavour to provide you a comparison of a wide range of products to help you identify the most competitive option available to you, we do not have access or information on all providers in the market or all products offered by those providers. As such, you should consider whether the products that we advertise meet your needs and consider a broad range of different and varied information sources in selecting the credit product that meets your needs. Whenever you select a product, we will refer you to the provider of that product so you can obtain more information.

How do we get paid?

When you use our services to be referred to a provider of credit or mortgage broker, we may be paid a commission by the business we refer you to. No fees will be payable by you. Commission may be based on clicks or the successful acquisition of a loan..

What if you are not happy with our services?

If, for any reason, you do not feel that you have received the highest standard of care from us, we encourage you to share this with us. We have developed a process that we believe makes it easy for you to tell us of your concerns and for them to be addressed quickly and fairly.

You can contact us by whichever of the following means best suits you:

Complaints. Fair Comparison, Suite 1 Level 2, 3 Carlingford Road, Epping NSW 2121


If you choose to contact us by mail or email, please make sure you provide as much detail as possible about your complaint.

If you have not heard back from us, you can also contact our licensee via the following means:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1300 817 662 option 3
  • Post: 31 Ardentallen Road Enoggera QLD 4051

We will try to deal with your complaint on the spot. However, if this is not possible, we will write to you to acknowledge your complaint within 5 days. We will ensure we treat you fairly and will work to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. In the rare event we are still investigating your complaint after 30 days we will write to you to explain why and to let you know when we expect to have completed our investigation. When we have completed our investigation, we will write to let you know the outcome and the reasons for our decision.

Taking it further

We hope that you will be satisfied with how we deal with your complaint.

However, if your concerns remain unresolved, or you have not heard from us within 30 days, then you can have your complaint heard by our external disputes resolution scheme (EDRS), AFCA, an independent party.

You can contact AFCA at:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority GPO Box 3,


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