Can I Switch Health Insurance Funds? Yes! Switching is Easy.

It’s easy to consider changing health funds if you’re unhappy with the service, but most people don’t consider a regular policy review as their life progresses through different stages.

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Had you considered that your requirements may have changed ?

Your specific needs and risks change as you go through life, yet many people stay with the same health insurance policy. It’s smarter to review your health cover.

Why should you pay to cover yourself for pregnancy if the kids have already packed up and left the family home? What’s more, you need cover for more risks than when you were younger.

If you still have the health insurance policy you had 5 years ago, chances are you could be saving money or at least getting better service and benefits for your hard earned dollars.

Here are a number of things to consider as you think about your current health insurance.

Swapping is easy

If you are simply switching between funds to an equivalent or lower level of cover generally you don’t have to re-serve those waiting periods. This is protected by government legislation to ensure your freedom of choice, but in some cases you may be caught out.

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There’s an easy way to compare your options

iSelect offer a matching system based on a needs analysis that can be completed online or over the phone.

We don’t charge you for this – we charge our participating funds , so you get the same prices offered directly by the funds (excludes some special offers that may be offered by selected funds), a choice of great policies, paperwork filled in and quality advice all for free! Compare your options with iSelect now